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Remote or remote work has become very popular since the confinement due to the pandemic. Although it is true that working from home is the first option for many and that it has been a dynamic that has been greatly benefited on the go, one of the great disadvantages is the Difficulty organizing teamwork, since they are all far from each other, sometimes there is a disorder in the resources to be used or crossed information. In order to solve this, there are management platforms like Mondaythat is, online places where we can organize tasks with the whole team.

Monday is a platform that was born in 2012, founded by: were zinman Y Roy Mann. It was designed with the purpose of facilitating project management and collaborations between teams that work remotely. It promised from its foundation, consolidate all work in one place so that each member had the opportunity to organize their tasks based on the progress of the project and the steps that the other professionals had already followed.

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Featured Monday Features

Monday has tons of features, but among the most notable are the fact that you can view weekly tasks that the work team must carry out, know the real time status of each task, measure performance Y manage work plans.

One of the advantages highlighted by users who use the platform is the possibility of customize workspace to be able to adapt it to the needs of the project, work team or company that is using the platform. and adapt it to the processes of your company in particular. Also, also time can be saved on recurring tasks by assigning them a trigger, a condition, and one or more actions.

Now, we know that it becomes frustrating to have the information of many of our tasks scattered across different platforms of digital workspaces. In order to simplify everything in a single place, Monday allows you to synchronize your account with other platforms in it to collect each of the data in a single space.

Platform used by brands such as Coca-Cola, Adobe, Universal and Hulu, among others

It should be noted that Monday is not software, but a platform that works from the cloud, so it does not need to be installed on any device. All you have to do to use it is log in and manage projects like any other web application. However, on Android and iOS it is possible to install the mobile application.

To start using it, all you have to do is follow a common registration process in which you also have to indicate the reasons why you want to use the platform. Currently there is a free version with which you can have up to 3 work boards, but there are also plans of €8, €10 and €16 per month that offer access to more tools, with the option of paying €24, €30 or €48 annually.

Today there are already more than 152,000 customers who have decided to organize their work tasks on the platform. Among the companies that use it is Walmat, Telefónica, Canva, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Universal, Hulu and more. Are you going to miss it? Don’t think about it anymore and try the remote organization platform.

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