This is ClearSale, a fraud prevention tool for eCommerce


In the world of the Internet there are risks of all kinds, so eCommerce must be careful about the chances of suffering fraud, especially when they have to pay for advertising packages and activities on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, in addition to payments to influencers or public figures. For this, there are tools that offer prevention, such as ClearSale.

ClearSale is a tool that offers fraud prevention services for eCommerce using technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Machine Learning to analyze and distinguish between legitimate orders and fraud attempts. Its function is to help eCommerce to block fraud attempts and legitimate orders can be completed while looking for ways to increase sales.

Avoid declines: rejected purchase orders

Another function of this tool that has been used by eCommerce is to avoid declensions. This refers to purchase orders that are rejected or blocked by the security or fraud prevention system and turn out to be a legitimate purchase. This occurs because the system suspects that it may be a fraudulent operation or that it does not meet certain security requirements established by the eCommerce.

Declinations can lead to a poor customer experience and financial loss to the business. For this reason, it is important to have quality fraud prevention tools and systems in place to decrease declines and increase the approval rate of legitimate orders. According to ClearSale: “By avoiding declines, you can see an increase in sales from 30% to 40%«.

Chargeback Guarantee

In addition, the tool also offers a chargeback guarantee, another form of protection against financial risks that occur when a buyer disputes a charge on their credit or debit card and the issuing bank reverses the payment to the eCommerce.

The Chargeback Guarantee is a tool that covers the costs associated with chargebacks, including the reversed payment amount, processing costs, and charges for chargeback handling services. ClearSale It offers a protection with which if a client makes a chargeback, the tool commits to comply with certain key performance indicators (KPIs) that are established in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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