This is Adsviu, the new adtech specialized in cookie-free photo and video contextual advertising


Next Chance groupcharacterized by developing innovative businesses through technology, has launched his new startup: Adsviu. This adtech stands out for contextualizing the millions of images and videos found in the media and generating a cart of the same or similar products or services, automatically, for readers to buy. This way, turn all photos and videos in posts into a monetization channel for publishers and a powerful sales channel for brands and their agencies.

Adsviu uses AI to achieve a natural positioning while respecting privacy

With its own artificial intelligence system, Adsviu uses the latest advances in machine learning and deep learning for image recognition, achieving great contextualization results. Through an advanced AI system, it positions non-invasive advertising, contextualized in the images of the page that is being consulted and without using cookies, so it respects 100% user privacy. In addition, it allows scalability that makes the technology adapt to any product category in any photo or video.

Patricia MateyCEO of Adsviu, explains that “We have our own development in which we get the best of artificial intelligence to drive highly qualified massive traffic to our client brands. Unlike other players in the market, who do not contextualize, we we position the product naturally in the same images that accompany any article or news. That is why we have a successful model: we contextually show the product that the user is interested in purchasing”.

A new system, which adjusts to the needs of advertisers

four of the main challenges that advertising has today are a low brand awareness, poor CTRs, lack of conversion and lack of context. As indicated by Adsviu, thanks to their system, brands manage to multiply the CTR by three as it is advertising of higher value and related to the content, and multiply their Brand Awareness by four by increasing visibility and brand recall.

With its innovative cookie-free technology, successfully face these challenges to sell through the millions of photos and videos found on multimedia platforms and media.

Adsviu, what already works with a leading business group in the fashion sector in Spainis being launched by a leading publishing group in our country with 14 titles totaling more than 15 million unique visitors and 20 million followers and “likes” on social networks.

Adsviu offers a new source of income to the media

The company generates a new line of income for the media thanks to contextual advertising, remunerating for place brand products in related images in an effective and non-intrusive way. Thanks to Adsviu, the media can monetize with product contextual adswithout damaging the content and providing added value to readers and brands.

In addition, the company offers its clients, both media and advertisers and their agencies, a up-to-date tracking tool to measure the results of the campaigns in a way that facilitates the optimization of content in real time while increasing revenue.

The cookieless revolution arrives

In this way, Adsviu enters the Spanish market stomping as a new essential ally for the media, brands and agencies at a key moment for the business. Faced with the disappearance of third-party cookies, the company offers an innovative business model that personalizes ads while respecting the privacy of users, multiplying the brand recall rate and conversion with record figures in its sector.

Photo: Adsviu

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