The Power of Smart Search in eCommerce: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction [ebook]

If you have an online business, you probably know that the search is a critical component to the success of your business. If you are not aware of the latest trends, keys and techniques related to smart search in eCommerce, you are probably not taking advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to improve your online business. It is because of that doofinder has released an ebook titled “The power of intelligent search”to help you understand and get the most out of advanced search technology, how it works and how it can improve customer satisfaction to increase conversion rates.

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When we refer to intelligent search in the world of eCommerce, it is understood that we are talking about the ability that has an e-commerce platform for deliver accurate and relevant search results to the people, using advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. Unlike traditional search, which is based on simple search terms, smart search uses semantic understanding to understand what the user’s intentions are and provide results that correspond to the user’s specific needs.

The search engine keys

About 30% of people use an online search engine to find products or services on an e-commerce website. This highlights the importance that the search engine of an online store must have so that the clientele can find the products that interest them. If the search functionality in your online store is not exceptional, you may lose potential customers, which means that it is essential to optimize the search engine of your online store.

By continually improving the search functionality in your online store, you can improve the customer experience, increase sales, and build for long-term success in a highly competitive marketplace like eCommerce. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the search engine functionality in your online store and ensure that it is optimized and works effectively to improve the experience and therefore increase sales and the success of your business.

Advanced search statistics

Giving importance to eCommerce statistics is of the utmost importance in order to maintain an optimized search engine, since by knowing the behavior and interests of the users, you can know how you should adapt the search engines of your website.

For example, according to the Doofinder ebook, the pet, childcare and toy industries are among the most popular and profitable markets in the eCommerce world. These industries have experienced significant growth over the years and continue to attract large numbers of consumers; This results in information that provides insights into consumer behavior and trends, thus helping to make strategic decisions on how to optimize your online store for search engines.

But if the importance of optimizing search in eCommerce is still not clear to you, we will tell you another piece of information: of the 10,000 eCommerce sites that have Doofinder, there are 175 million monthly searches. The study indicates that, in general, users tend to carry out more searches on Mondays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

It is also important to take into account through which devices searches are carried out. Today mobile phone purchases are more popular, so eCommerces need to make sure that the mobile version works perfectly.

Doofinder’s ebook exposes these and other data that can help you to know what aspects should be taken into account when optimizing search engines to provide a pleasant user experience for consumers. Download it now and know all the data to offer a quality website.

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