The Meet Commerce 2022 arrives in Madrid with great representatives of the sector who will talk about the 2023 recession


With the arrival of the pandemic, both companies and individuals were forced to enter the digital world and train in issues related to digital marketing, eCommerce and much more. After this significant increase in users making purchases and sales over the Internet, various events have arisen where the greatest experts share their advances and predictions for the online world; one of these events is Meet Commerce 2022 to be held in Madridthe next December 13th and will address the issue of the recession that will affect the sector in the first half of 2023 after 5 years growing above expectations.

The event will be held on a day from 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. and will have 3 rooms and 40 speakers gathered in the MEEU, Chamartín Station. The theme will revolve around how to grow your business thanks to the use of new technologies, software that can be useful and useful methodologies for solving problems at a business level. Also, case studies of some eCommerce will be exposed and the learning that other companies have obtained in their digitization process will be discussed.

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But why is it important to be aware of these issues? Easy… According to data collected interactive4the organizing consultancy for Meet Commerce 2022, announced that the 85% of consumers of products and services purchase them online and near the 90% of the world population has already made at least one online purchase in their life. Added to this is the fact that since the start of the pandemic in 2020 until today, e-commerce in Spain has grown by 51%.

Recession 2023: the main axis of Meet Commerce

Experts warn of the arrival of a recession for the first half of 2023 which all eCommerce companies that have grown in the last 2 years will have to face. For this reason, one of the topics to be addressed during the event will be how to prepare for the economic crisis, something that those responsible for electronic business in Spain consider essential.

“We are at a turning point in the development and maturation of electronic commerce throughout the world and in Spain (…) After the strong expansion of recent years, The focus of sellers today is on getting to know the customer better with investments in a first party data strategy. Offering you a personalized and unified experience on all channels (physical and digital), digitizing the physical store and turning it into a distribution center, optimizing product supply processes, and complementing the assortment with third-party products or services is essential,” he says. Enrique Mazonvice president of Salesforce Iberia Commerce Cloud.

The event seeks to help the players in the sector to analyze the situation and thus prevent the terrible effects that the economic imbalance can cause. There are already many platforms that have warned of the short-term forecasts of this situation and are working to minimize the impact on the sector.

What does the ticket to Meet Commerce include? More than 30 talks and workshops by industry experts. 3 themes: business, technology, B2B and markets. Networking and exhibition area. On-site activities and afterparty.

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