The importance of good hosting to boost your eCommerce [Cursos M4C Academy]


In the second course of Marketing4eCommerce Academy this month of March, we are going to talk about a essential element when creating a website: hosting. These web hosting services are the spaces in which the contents of your website are stored and allow them to be visited.

As you can see, these are a fundamental piece, so you must know how to choose the right hosting service for you and for your eCommerce.

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Course: Hosting for eCommerce

Jose Ramon Padron, SiteGround Spain Country Manager, will teach us the importance of hosting for an eCommerce project. something key if you want take the speed of your online store to the next levelin addition to improve your customer experience.

The course has a total duration of 160 minutes, consists of 7 video sessions and additional downloadable materials, and it will address the following issues:

What is hosting and why is it so important for your business? How to choose the most suitable type of hosting provider for your business. Web Performance Optimization for eCommerce. Speed ​​and user experience for an online store. Security of an online store. Good practices for hosting eCommerce projects.

Once you finish the course you will get your Certificate of Certification in digital format that accredits your training. And remember that there is a exclusive space for receiving doubts and questionsas well as their respective answers, and that you have access to a Help Center in which they will be happy to help you and guide you during your learning process.

I want to access the course!

How to access the course

The course will be available to pro members of the community, that is, for those who are subscribed to the community or the Academy Program.

If you are not yet a member, you can join the Academy Program for only €39.99 per month or €399 per year. But, for being a faithful follower of Marketing4eCommerce we have a discount for you, you just have to use the code: HELLOMARKETER.

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