The guide to the marks that thieves leave in houses

My house has been marked by thieves, what do I do?

It is not unusual to meet coded messages that, at first glance, only people specialized in a certain subject understand. An example are the marks that thieves leave on houses to communicate between them. They can go unnoticed on a day-to-day basis, which allows them to commit, thus, the robo perfect.

What are the signs that thieves leave in houses for?

With a quick glance at these signals, criminals can tell:

What is the state of a house. For example, if it is a vacation home, if it is inhabited, if the owner spends a lot of time away, etc. In that case, you may be interested in knowing The tricks to make it look like you’re always at home. Who are its occupants? If there are elderly or young people, if it is a family or a single, etc. If it is worth robbing the house. Based on the appearances of the owners or if there are any valuables in view (which we recommend camouflage) If it is possible to steal from it. considering the security level Inter alia.

Criminal organizations draw a series of signs what report about various situations that should be known before committing the robbery. Since these symbols are easy to miss, it pays to know their details.

How are the signs that thieves make

Las brands that the thieves leave in the houses do not reach the centimeter. They are made with pencils, pens, chalk or even punches. Other times, even aerosols are used. They are carried out at the door or near it, always in areas of low visibility for the occupant.

What do the signs left by thieves mean:

How many people live in the house. When the house is empty. That the occupants are on vacation. If there are children alone in the morning. If the house has already been easily robbed. Information on the type of occupants: single women, the elderly, families, the disabled, etc. The quality of the house, if it is worth stealing it.

If the signs are not removed, trespassers understand that they may return, so authorities insist that if they are found, they must be removed immediately to keep us safe. And of course, alert the Police. Although these symbols can be viewed on the Police website, it is good to familiarize yourself with them.

In case you have suffered a robbery, discover how to act and file a complaint

The most important signs that thieves leave are:

A small triangle: previously robbed house Numbers in circles: the month or months of the year that the house is empty An X: they are on vacation A diamond: unoccupied house A W: robbing at night

Other types of signs that burglars leave in houses:

Many times, the signs are not just graphic. There are cases in which these marks are accompanied by small objects. These are inserted into small holes. Some examples are:

Small papers Pieces of cellophane Threads Other similar materials

The thieves introduce them into the puerta, at the bottom. Days later, they check if these materials are still intact. Thus, they obtain more data to know if the house is suitable, or not, for the roboas this indicates that there is no one inside.

Signs, thieves, houses… a summary:

In short, knowing the system of signs used by criminals and knowing how does a thief think it is well worth a small study by the citizen, because with this he will be able to maintain security at home. Let us remember the small size of the brands as well as the way in which they are presented.

In case you find them in our puertayou have to proceed to delete them immediately and notify the authorities as soon as possible to avoid major scares. Let’s not forget that information is power and makes us stronger against this type of crime. The home security It is the most important thing, so you must be alert.

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