The Digital Outdoor Advertising Revolution: 6 Benefits of DOOH Programmatic Buying

In recent years, the digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) has become a key tool for companies seeking increase your reach and build awareness branded. In this context, the programmatic purchase of DOOH appears as a more attractive alternative to direct purchase, especially since the providers of these screens are opening more and more spaces for this purchase format.

However, there are still many advertising brands that resist the model, so it is necessary to highlight the benefits of programmatic buying and the reasons why it is revolutionizing digital outdoor advertising.

Why it is revolutionizing digital outdoor advertising: 6 advantages of programmatic buying

1. Direct purchase works at a slower pace

Advertising brands have to negotiate with each provider, not only in terms of prices, but also in terms of available screens. This means that a campaign can take up to two weeks to prepare before launching. Additionally, through this method, advertisers run the risk of buying screens they don’t need, wasting money, as many providers require a minimal investment or the obligation of a screen purchase based on a closed street circuit for a minimum period. In addition, there is no intermediate platform that verifies the impression data on the published ads.

2. Flexibility in the planning and execution of advertising campaigns

On the other hand, through programmatic purchase, a minimum spend is not required nor is the purchase limited by predefined circuits or specific periods of time. The different tools allow real-time access to the main providers on a single platform and to more than 3,300 screens available in Spain for programmatic purchase. In addition, from the platforms you have access to different types of screens to adapt the campaigns to the strategies of the advertisers, including street furniture, shopping centers, taxis and VTCs, parking lots and even gyms.

3. Advanced segmentation capability

However, what stands out the most is the segmentation capacity that programmatic buying offers. DOOH buying in programmatic is based on “CPM publisher”: the number of people likely to see the message published on digital screens. Therefore, audience and location data have a crucial impact on the performance of DOOH campaigns. Each provider has its averages based on time slots and location and, thanks to the purchasing tools, it is possible to have access to this data and choose, screen by screen, those most similar to the target audience of the advertising brands.

In addition, there are triggers that activate campaigns only when a particular event occurs that makes the impact more attractive and captivating. These events can be based on specific variables related to traffic, weather, sports, pollution and promotions.

4. Avoid unnecessary expenses

In other words, while in traditional purchasing the result consists of closing a circuit of screens, through programmatic unnecessary expenses are avoided, providing a strategy based on qualified audiences and adapted to the client’s objectives.

5. Real-time access to detailed metrics and performance data

Finally, to all this is added the ability to monitor campaigns in real time, which leads advertisers to gain full control over their actions and their investment, and allows them to measure compliance with the objectives established with each contracted provider.

6. Greater effectiveness and efficiency in the management of the advertising budget

And, due to this flexibility and possibilities of adaptation, another important advantage of the programmatic purchase in front of the traditional one is the capacity of quickly raise or lower the budget that you want to dedicate to DOOH campaignsdepending on the needs or circumstances of each moment.

By planning DOOH actions with programmatic, you can define audiences, choose screens and adjust budgets, which allows campaigns to be active in three days. This approach significantly reduces the time required compared to the same process done through direct negotiation.

Therefore, the programmatic purchase of DOOH, In addition to saving time, it allows all interested parties to adjust and improve their strategy based on the results obtained., thanks to the possibility of applying segmentation and monitoring in real time. By having a clearer and more detailed view of the performance of their campaigns, stakeholders can make more informed decisions and continuously improve their results. If you have doubts about the execution in this type of campaigns, you can consider contacting Tidarta media and data agency, which will accompany you throughout the process.

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