The beginning of the end of third-party cookies in Chrome has a date: the first quarter of 2024

After several years of talking about it, various experiments and postponing its arrival several times, Google has announced that the beginning of the end of third-party cookies in Chrome is dated.

And it is that for him first quarter of 2024Google has planned remove third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users and move them to Privacy Sandoxa privacy system created by the technology that allows users to manage their interests, grouping them into cohorts according to advertising browsing patterns, thus preserving their identity and privacy data.

This measure will help developers of online services can do experiments in real conditions and check whether or not they are ready for a cookie-free world, as well as whether their measures are effective enough to sustain themselves in a cookie-free environment.

Subsequently, Google’s plan is to eliminate third-party cookies completely by the second half of 2024.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Google has delayed its cookie removal plans, it already did so in 2021, when it claimed that it needed “more time throughout the ecosystem to get it right” and to do it at “a responsible pace.” In July 2022, the removal was delayed again due to the release of beta versions of various APIs in Chrome.

Users will be able to start testing Privacy Sandbox in July 2023

As stated by the technology giant, the first step in this process of deleting third-party cookies will take place in July 2023moment in which Privacy Sandbox relevance and measurement APIs will be available to all Chrome users. This will give developers time to test at full scale with live traffic. Google states that they “do not plan to make significant changes to the API interfaces before the removal of third-party cookies.”

Later, in the Four quarter of 2023, Google will allow developers to simulate the deletion of third-party cookies in Chrome for a certain number of users. So they can do tests and know how they can work without them.

As stated Victor Wongin charge of directing the product for Private Advertising Technology within the Privacy Sandbox, “this plan was developed with close consultation and coordination with the UK Competition and Markets Authority, the CMA. We consulted with them on this and we feel that this is the best way for us, together with the industry, to test the solution.

In Q4 (2023), we help coordinate some of the testing and make it easier. In the fourth quarter (of 2024), we rule out 1% and then for everyone in the industry, which forces a serious start to experiment and test.

In addition to this, Wong pointed out that at the moment, Google has no plans for intermediate steps throughout 2023 to scale more than 1%. Once the decision to completely eliminate third-party cookies is made, Google will go from 1% to 100% with no intermediate milestones..

Photo: Depositphotos

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