The Bank of France raises its forecast for GDP growth in the first quarter to 0.2%


The gross domestic product (GDP) of France will grow by 0.2% in the first three months of 2023, according to the new estimate of the Bank of France, which has increased its forecast for the second largest economy in the euro zone by one tenth.

According to the monthly survey carried out by the central bank of the French country with the participation of 8,500 companies, activity increased in March in industry, services and construction.

Likewise, French businessmen expressed their confidence that in the month of April the growth of activity in industry and services will accelerate, while they anticipate a drop in construction.

Regarding inflation, the companies consulted considered that the prices of raw materials stabilized in March and pointed to a slowdown in the sale prices of their finished products, except in the food industry, where price increases continue to be high.

“Our uncertainty indicator remains unchanged in the three large sectors compared to the previous month, at levels still high compared to those prevailing before 2020,” warned the Bank of France.