Data deprecation explained by Qualifio: everything you need to know


Data first-party and zero-party… Why is there so much talk about them? The answer is simple: data deprecation. But what is it? In short, it is a major issue in digital marketing that affects the way brands and consumers share data and engage. Let’s see more details.

What is data deprecation

In English, “deprecated” refers to something that, although it is still available or allowed, its use is not recommended. If it has to be used, is recognized as having flaws. In Spanish, we could translate it as «depreciated«.

That is precisely what is happening with consumer data right now: for years, brands have had unlimited access to this data, which was available and allowed, but is no longer recommended to be used, unless it is consent data. , compliant, transparent and exploitable.

Currently, there are four forces in the digital realm that make it difficult for brands to collect and leverage consumer data:

Consumers are taking measures to limit the exchange of data (ad blockers, …). Technological companies are limiting the exchange of data (disappearance of third-party cookies in Chrome, iOS…). Increase in the number and height of the so-called “walled gardens” (Apple, Amazon, Meta, media…) Greater importance and monitoring of privacy laws (the strictest authorities and the toughest fines).

A bitter awakening for brands: After decades of unlimited access to consumer data, this has been cut off.

What is the solution

Today brands are blind in terms of their audience and are looking for:

Actionable data. Let them comply with the law. Transparent. spoiled.

What brands can do to build more respectful and compliant relationships with their audience

Here are three measures to approach data depreciation calmly:

1. Evaluate your current strategy for collecting data

How do you collect and use your data? Are they organized or scattered? Do you have integrations with marketing providers? Ask yourself these questions and make sure you comply with data usage regulations and get permission from your audience. Please note that third-party cookies will soon cease to exist, so you must have a strong data protection strategy in place.

2. Collect first-party and zero-party data

These data are the solution to the depreciation of data, since they are consented and exploitable. Consumers share them to enhance their experience and receive personalized messages from their favorite and trusted brands.

3. Try new ways to collect data

Interactive marketing and loyalty programs are ideal for understanding your audience and offering personalized experiences, rewarding interactions and providing relevant content.

Why L’Oréal’s data collection strategy pays off

A global data collection strategy is essential for brands, especially in the current context. L’Oréal EMEA is a good example of how a well-crafted strategy can have multiple benefits.

Previously, brands in the group used multiple tools and agencies to collect data, creating a chaotic workflow with scattered data silos. To simplify and unify data collection, they launched a European program with Qualifio Engage integrated into their CRM, making it possible to attract new customers and enrich existing data from all the group’s brands.

L’Oréal was looking to increase and improve its database. In just one year, they launched 700 campaigns with 5.5 million users and 60-70% accounts created per campaign.

How Qualifio can help brands

Brands need to get serious about data deprecation, and now they must collect exploitable and consent data to maintain contact with their audience. First-party and zero-party data is ideal, and interactive marketing is a good way to collect it.

Qualifio is the leading first-party and zero-party data collection platform for consumer brands in Europe. It allows marketing teams to get to know their audience better thanks to two complementary SaaS modules:

Qualifio Engage enables them to increase engagement and collect data through quizzes, games, polls, contests, and over 50 other interactive formats. Qualifio Loyalty allows them to segment and reward members with interactive loyalty programs that go beyond purchases.

If you are interested in getting started with these data collection methods, you can request a free, personalized demo of our interactive marketing and data collection module.

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