Security windows: everything you need to know

Windows: the most vulnerable point in the security of your home


Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of your home security. If a thief wanted to sneak into your house, they would start here. For this reason it is so important that the entrances to the house have good security measures. That is why there are windows, fittings and locks that provide you with the level of protection you need.


What is the difference between a security window and a normal one?


Flanking a security window is much more complicated than forcing conventional access but, do you really know why?


You tend to think that the secret of protection It is located in the installation of security glass. However, the truth is that it is a combination of factors that work together. The most secure windows are characterized by having:


Safety lock

The system that allows the opening and closing of the window is reinforced, generally with steel bolts, to prevent them from being pried.


glass thickness

The thickness of this type of windows is considerably higher. This, in addition to offering greater security against theft, protects the interior of the home from other types of discomfort such as noise or temperature changes.


Anti-impact glass

They are mounted with laminated safety glass and very thick that allow the window assembly to withstand great pressure without breaking. This protects the window from blows and impacts.


reinforced hinges

They are windows protected against drilling. This is achieved with multiple fittings that secure it in place. They usually have more than five internal protection locks.


airtight windows

The profiles are usually thermally welded, thus avoiding the use of screws or glue.


Types of windows according to their security level


The security level of a window is measured based on the relationship between various parameters:


The material used for its manufacture. The type of security hardware that is mounted. The models of reinforcements and joints. The chosen opening system. The glass used in its installation.


Most commonly, this type of window is made of aluminum or PVC. They are normally mounted on a frame up to two meters high made up of several chambers and reinforced with steel. Opening systems usually combine the swinging movement (full opening) with the swinging movement (opening the top to allow air to enter), thus providing greater ease of handling.

Apart from these small differences in morphology and manufacturing materials, when talking about safety in a window, the level of protection of the installed glass must not be lost sight of:


Level A: They are the most used in homes and offices. They resist the impact of a 4-kilo steel ball thrown from 10 meters high.


Nivel B: To receive this classification, the windows must withstand the impact of 70 blows from a 2.5-kilo mechanical axe. They are those that are used in establishments such as banks or jewelry stores and in institutions such as prisons,
laboratories or power plants.


Level C: the maximum level of security in glass is that which can resist the impact of a 9 mm caliber bullet fired by a 44 Magnum. They are used in the most secure burglar-proof windows on the market.


Ideas to improve home security


Apart from fittings, glass or joint and anchor reinforcements, there are many other measures to improve the safety of your windows. This can be achieved directly by using security bars or automatic blinds, a characteristic element of home automation houses. Indirectly, you can opt for complementary resources such as alarms, detectors or any other of the existing surveillance systems on the market.



home security It is an integral concept that must be approached from different perspectives and adapted to the housing type in which you live to get the best results. The guarantee of a safe life starts from paying special attention to the installation of quality enclosures as part of an adequate protection package. In this sense, not only do you have to worry about the windows or the bars, you also have to have a good security door.


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