How to use AI to generate original and professional photos without paying image rights


The boom in the use of artificial intelligence for the creation of images and text is opening new creative possibilities to the companies. That was the case of the Spanish eCommerce Photographywho at the request of a client came up with the idea of ​​creating images of models with AI from real photos, thus avoiding the payment of rights of image.

«A client needed to sell their products through their online store, but the image rights overruns made the budget unaffordable. So they put themselves in our hands and asked us for help”, explains Montse Labiaga, CEO of Photography eCommerce.

The company in question was the manufacturer and costume seller Funidelia. To put together the catalogue, the brand needed make photographs of their costumes, adapting the performance and makeup of the model according to the costume. However, due to the characteristics of the products and their sales cycle, using 100% real models It was an unaffordable price in the budgetsince the same image could be active for several years on the web.

Faced with this problem, Photography eCommerce found the solution using the Artificial intelligence to create images by photographing real modelsbut editing them later with faces created with AI to express the necessary emotion to adapt it to the costume and the body of the model. “Obviously the models were previously notified and they were satisfied with this new way of doing things,” they point out from Ecommerce Photography.

Original, professional images without paying rights

As we have said before, the photographic company decided to bet on AI to eliminate the image rights of the models. To do this, it used a generative Artificial Intelligence system capable of create faces from various perspectives and with different expressions so that they adapt to the performance that the body model makes.

Once you have the photographs of the bodies, AI allows faces to “fit” generated with technology in the body. To make them look more realistic, use digital makeup and skin tones, shadows and any other aspect are matched.

The result? A hyper-realistic image, where the difference between the body and the face is not noticeable, even when the image is zoomed in. In addition to a makeup that transmits many emotions in the selected costumes.

The AI ​​boom brought with it an unprecedented creative revolution. What will be the next innovations that we will see from these new tools?

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