Security according to the type of housing

How do security measures vary depending on the type of housing?

Las security measures of your home can be very different. This is because each home has its own needs. To begin with, we must know the type of residence what we are talking about. Although we often refer to it as a house, the truth is that our home does not have to present the structure of that type of property. Thus, it can be a single-family home, a duplex, a townhouse or an attic, among many other examples. Thus, security depending on the type of home is a factor that can vary greatly. Let’s see why.

Security in unique homes

It would be the case of single family Home (commonly known by its French name “chalet”). Is the residence most exposed to theftprecisely because of its independent nature.

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You have to think that the chalets are often located on the urban periphery, which contributes to creating that feeling of disconnection. However, it also presents notable advantages, especially when they are located within a urbanization. In parallel, the construction of large walls around the garden complicates access to the private area. Yes, besides, we protect the garden properlywe can get a really safe house.

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For its part, the townhouse shares certain similarities with the previous homes but also presents considerable differences. In this case, the houses are built by sharing walls. This contributes to increase the feeling of security. In addition, it makes attacks difficult, since the only access to the house is usually from the front.

However, if the townhouses have common spaces, these points can be a weak point in terms of security for your home. Most of the time it is enough to install an alarm system with notification to the Police. However, it never hurts to have additional resources like perimeter detectorsamong others.

Security in flats and apartment blocks

They are the most common homes, particularly in urban centers. As a general rule, the interconnection between the properties complicates assaults, especially if they are located on higher floors. In this sense, the basses are somewhat more exposed if their protection systems are deficient.

Let’s remember that no house is insecure per se. What makes a house unsafe is not taking the appropriate preventive measures. In any case, it is clear that an attic is a tougher target for thieves. Although you should not fall into the myth that they suffer fewer robberies.

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As far as duplexes are concerned, they follow a similar pattern. However, they have the particularity of having a greater number of accesses, which makes it necessary to install broader preventive systems. Of course, the advantage over the ground floors (and which they share with the upper floors) is that they require entry to the community facilities, something that acts as another deterrent.

Security according to the type of home - Prosegur Blog

Security according to the type of dwelling – Prosegur Blog.

Common security weaknesses

After this brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of housing, it must be remembered that there are other elements that make safer real estate. The characteristics and situation of the road, the relationship with the neighbors or one’s own life habits can help us to prevent theft almost without realizing it. In addition, try to inform yourself well so as not to fall into the typical security myths. Every home is different, so the best option is to contact your security companywho will advise you according to the specific needs of your home.

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