Safety measures when doing work at home

Safety measures when doing work at home


Every owner has the right to make reforms in his house. However, they cannot be done in any way.


Must request work permits and respect a series of ordinances and laws.


For this reason, today we respond to the Frequently asked questions about works at home and the security measures you should take.


Do I have to ask for permission to do work at home?


Yes, It is necessary to request permission to make reforms at home:


First, the community needs to be notified, although they are going to be works of little depth. The Horizontal Property Law is clear and establishes that “such works must be previously reported to whoever represents the community.” Secondlyit is also necessary to request permission from the town hall of the townwhich will grant us the corresponding building license.


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What is needed to have a building permit?


It depends on the type of work you are going to do. The Horizontal Property Law is state-owned, but it only covers the most general aspects. The regulation of carrying out works on a property is the responsibility of the municipalities.


Each city council establishes the requirements according to the type of work you are going to carry out:


Major work: Large-scale that affects the façade, the structure of the house or supposes a change in its use. In those cases, you need a technical project made and signed by an architect.
minor work: These are smaller interventions that do not affect elements of the building structure. In these cases, it is enough to present a description of the work and a budget to the city council.


To carry out a work, of any type, it is necessary to pay the relevant fees. These depend on the work budget that you present in your town hall. The higher the cost of the work, the more expensive the administrative fees will be.


What is the schedule to do works at home?


The right to rest of the neighbors is a priority. That’s why, you can’t do works at any time.


Again, this issue is governed by your city council, so you should consult the municipal regulations in this regard. However, the most common work schedule is usually from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., to avoid making noise while people sleep.


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What safety measures are necessary when doing work at home?


Safety measures when doing work at home


Note that a work at home can affect your safety. Many times, we are not there at night or fundamental security elements, such as the door, are altered. This makes the home more vulnerable.


Therefore, follow these safety tips:


Protect the work with an alarm. If the device is connected to an Alarm Receiving Center, the property will be fully protected 24 hours a day. If any need to be changed lock, door o ventanais essential get the job done the same day. Never compromise the enclosures of the home and do not allow them to remain half done when the work day is over.
notify the neighbors so that they are attentive and alert of anything strange.
Install IP video securitywith cameras that allow you to see the work remotely. They are becoming more affordable and will save you trouble during the reform (and when the house is empty). If you are doing the work yourself, be sure to use gloves, helmet and old clothes. If the work includes strong glues or paint, it is advisable to wear a mask. Follow the recommendations for each product and tool to make a correct and safe use.


Follow these tips and your work will be perfect and safe.


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