ROI Up creates an exclusive collection of NFTs to celebrate its twelfth anniversary and value its trajectory


ROI Up Groupthe independent digital agency of Martech , is celebrating its twelfth anniversary in a big way and has launched a exclusive collection of 12 NFTs, each for each major milestone achieved by the company over the years. In addition, in turn, each one coincides with an important world event that is easily recognized by the collective ideology.

The Social Media and Creativity department has launched this new initiative with the motto “ROI UP Team: unique as an NFT”within the framework of “The ROIyalty Program”. An innovation and loyalty program for human talent launched in April of last year, with which they gave away an NFT to each member of their staff and a premium NFT to the most veteran employees.

12 years of challenges and changes

The NFT collection has been built by doing a I review the different moments in the history of the agency, for example, when they inaugurated their new business area specialized in Life Science, their international expansion with the opening of their first headquarters in Portugal in 2012 and their first office in Mexico in 2014, as well as a reminder and recognition of their partnerships Google, Meta , TikTok or SiteCore.

But for ROI Up Group the most important thing has always been its internal human talent, which they refer to as their main value, for which they have also reviewed great moments regarding your employees within this collection of NFTsuch as expanding its workforce to 170 people or going from five to 14 languages ​​in-house.

Between the events that have marked the entire world, the collection wants to remember such relevant events, such as the birth of TikTok in 2016 or the video that reached the highest number of views in the history of YouTube in 2017. In addition, they have created a very special NFT alluding to this recently released 2023 that leaves the open question «What will be the highlights of the year?».

Diego Jiménez, CEO and founder of ROI UP maintains, “if I have to do a review of these twelve years highlighting only two concepts, I would say: work, work and work, but with an incredible human team behind. The people at ROI UP are always at the center of the business, and we are going to continue working along these lines for another twelve years… and those to come”.

The tribute to the trajectory of the company extends to ROICast

In addition to entering the world of digital collectibles, “The ROIyalty Program 3.0” has served as a means for the agency to take its first steps on the TikTok social network and to be born ROICast, his first podcast on marketing and trends, the latter being the space selected to create a special episode where a review of the 12 years of the agency’s life is made and a walk through the different headquarters of the group in Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Mexico is given.

Diego Jiménez participated in this special episode, who gave an in-depth interview about the agency and its history, but some of the most veteran employees also participated by telling anecdotes and stories, as was the case with Antonio Juan Juan, ROI UP Catalunya; Mariana de Prado Losada and Carlos Corral, from ROI UP Mexico; Mafalda Guedes Miguel, from ROI Up Group Portugal and many other executives who were part of the tribute.

Photo: ROI Up Group

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