Renfe registered this Friday a record of travelers in a single day so far this year, with more than 108,000


Renfe registered this Friday the record number of travelers in 2023, after transporting 108,318 passengers on its AVE, Alvia, Avlo, Euromed and Intercity trains.

Coinciding with the first day of the operation leaving the May Bridge, the operator has confirmed in a statement that the figure represents the record number of passengers transported in a single day this year. He has also indicated that the most popular destinations to travel have been Andalusia, Levante and Catalonia.

In addition, he recalled that during this long weekend the company is offering one million seats on its AVE, Avlo, Alvia, Euromed, Intercity and Media Distancia trains to travel between Friday, April 28 and Tuesday, May 2, on the occasion of the festivity of the May Bridge.

In terms of climate, Renfe has pointed out that this offer will save the combustion of 9.5 million liters of gasoline, avoiding the emission of 28.8 million carbon dioxide (CO2) or 135.3 tons of highly reactive gases into the atmosphere. (NOx).