How to train a guard dog?

Training a security dog: how and when to start

Teaching a dog is an experience that should be as enriching for the animal as for its owner. If you want to have a guard dog, it is recommended to start training from 8 months of age and take into account the different guidelines that we are going to explain in this post.

What are the optimal characteristics to train a dog?

There are certain breeds that genetically show a greater predisposition to become excellent watchdogs. For this reason, apart from training work, when looking for something more than a companion dog, the following aspects must be assessed:

Raza: Physical strength, temperament or resistance to pain are some of the essential characteristics that the best-known watchdog breeds have. You can know what they are the best breeds of guard dogs in this post.
Age: Training will be much easier and more effective when the animal is still a cub. Bad habits acquired over time are difficult to correct.
Context: What kind of property do you want to protect? A dog that is going to live with you in a flat is not the same as one that is going to roam free on a piece of land in the open air.

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Dog training tricks that you will find useful

There are three characteristic features in any method of dog training: socialization, obedience and constancy. If you want to learn how to train a puppy, it is useful to start with these simple tricks:

A very useful trick is to always follow his bark. Puppies bark at everything and for no apparent reason. When you hear your dog barking, go to him. Depending on the reason for his barking, you’ll either reward the act (for example, if it’s a stranger approaching your property), or you’ll reprove him with a stern ‘no!’ (in the case of unjustified barking). Another interesting option is generate those situations yourself to submit the dog for examination. It is important that the animal learns to discern between what is a threat and what is not, despite presenting very similar circumstances. In this sense, it is recommended to teach the dog which are the boundaries of the land to be protected employing treats as a reward every time he goes to the most vulnerable places on the property. Walking the perimeter of the area you want to protect with him will also help him become familiar with those boundaries and know how far to run if an intruder shows up.

In general, it is about create an effective reward system each time your dog performs the desired behavior. The quality of the training will depend on your creativity, your perseverance, your patience and good treatment of the animal.

Well-trained dogs: a very practical security measure

With proper training, any dog ​​can be trained to become a guardian of your property. In essence, what you are looking for is bark when they detect a threat and that create a deterrent effect.

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In conclusion, note that watchdogs They are living things, not tools.. If you decide to train a guard dog, you should know that it entails a great responsibility, since its behavior will depend on how the training has been received.

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