How to help a neighbor to simulate the presence at home?

How to help a neighbor to simulate the presence at home?


One of the most effective deterrent methods against home burglaries is simulate presence at home.


Equally, a good relationship with our neighbors is key to safety and not only for coexistence. Therefore, in the event that the neighbor goes on a trip or vacation, or that his home is a vacation home or second homewe can help you pretend you haven’t left your home.


And, for this, today we are going to give some guidelines simple and effective.


1. Pick up the mail


This is the simplest way to make it seem like you’re home when you’ve been away for a few days. When you pick up your mail, also open the neighbor’s, empty it and keep the letters at home for when you return.


It only takes a few seconds and it is very effective.


2. Turn on the television and the lights


We can also meet the neighbor in go to his house at certain times and turn on the television for a while or illuminate the room. In the same way, we can also put on music and walk around the rooms for a while, making noise.


3. Show signs of presence on balconies and windows


The galleries, terraces, windows and balconies that face the outside are usually observed from the street to find out if our neighbor is at home or not. That is why we must take them into account and show signs of activity in them.


Raise and lower the blinds, leaving them in a different position each time. Store clothes in sight and pick them up another day you return. Similarly, open and close the windows and move the curtains, also placing them in different ways to simulate the presence at home more convincingly.


4. Keep plants alive


Take care of the outdoor plants that the neighbor may have, as withered vegetables can be interpreted as a clear sign of absence. Similarly, move them around a bit or move them around so that if someone is watching, they think the house isn’t empty.


5. Try not to always go at the same time


The ideal is do all this at different times of the dayso that it is not detected that it is something that only happens at certain hours and that the house is uninhabited for long periods of time.


6. Observe possible marks on the neighbor’s mailbox, doorbell or door


Always check that near the door, on the facade, on the bell below or on the mailbox there are no strange marks or symbols that imply that the thieves have marked the house as deserted.


7. Have access to your home automation if you go to a place with little Internet connection


Invest in home automation and security It’s always a smart purchase, but without a good internet connection it won’t be effective. If your neighbor takes a trip in which he will not be able to access the network, he can give you permission to connect and simulate presence in his house without leaving yours.


protect your neighborhood


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In short, helping the neighbor to pretend that he is still at home when he is absent is very simple and supposes another measure of protection, so we should always do it with those who live near us.


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