How to encourage your online sales at Christmas by giving payment facilities to your customers, the case of Sabadell Consumer


Sabadell Consumer has just launched a campaign to encourage pre-Christmas sales and build customer loyalty.

Customers will enjoy the advantage of having 0% APR interest-free financing for up to 12 months and being able to take advantage of these days before Christmas, the shopping season, to get the best deals and pay comfortably without extra costs, with the classic “buy now , pay later”.

This campaign will take place from December 1 to 8 at all points of sale where Sabadell Consumer Finance’s 100% digital solution, InstantCredit, is used.

Benefits of the Sabadell Consumer “Super Days” campaign

This campaign will benefit eCommerce when it comes to increasing sales, since it reduces the time it takes for the buyer to make decisions. In addition, as they explain to us, it will allow the average purchase ticket to increase, “accompanied by a marketing and communication action, giving visibility to the establishments that participate in the campaign and sending communications to more than 300,000 users.”

It should be noted that, in an online environment where the lack of security is latent, it is vital to reinforce trust in the payment methods we offer. With the InstantCredit financing solution, eCommerce stores will be able to reinforce said security as it is a tool of the Banco Sabadell group, a renowned brand. In addition, at the time of purchase, the financing conditions will be shown to the buyer, in a simple way, together with a fee simulator.

Interested sectors

Sabadell Consumer’s “Superdías” does not focus on a specific sector. These 0% APR conditions can be applied to any of the establishments that use the InstantCredit installment payment solution to finance their customers’ purchases. Sports, Toys, Travel, Fashion, Home or Electronics are some of the sectors of the collaborators of this promotion.

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