Hootsuite presents OwlyWriter AI, its own AI content generator for social networks

Surely, if we ask anyone who is dedicated to creating content about their biggest fears when it comes to doing their job, one of their first answers will be the much feared creative block. We have all suffered dry spells in terms of originality, which can lower the level of the content we generate or cause us to have to multiply the effort that we would normally put into carrying out this work.

In order to help digital marketing professionals with this problem, hoot suite has developed his own AI-powered content generator: OwlyWriter AI. It leverages GPT technology and instruction engineering to simplify content creation for its clients.

No more creative blocks, here’s OwlyWriter AI

As experts in the management of social networks, at Hootsuite they understand the importance of adapting to the frenetic pace of these, where current events rule and the appearance of news, memes or viral content can mark an unexpected turn in content creation. Therefore, the creative efficiency and ease they become essential.

This is precisely where OwlyWriter AI comes in. This intuitive tool includes a complete package of aids for content creationas well as a tools kit to end the creative drought of marketers. It’s designed so that, with little input, you can generate socially-friendly post ideas and captions, step-by-step.

OwlyWriter AI offers marketers the opportunity to automate content creation tasks that will help streamline writing processes, spark innovation and inspiration, save time, and increase the efficiency of workflows.

As Natalia Williams, Product Manager at Hootsuite, explains, “When we asked our customers what was the biggest challenge they faced as social media managers, nearly a third of them told us it was”difficulty finding content ideas«.

With our customers at the center of our product experience, we set out to design a tool that would make creating social content a breeze and help our customers break once and for all with the monotony of content on social networks«.

How can this tool help you?

With OwlyWriter AI you can get inspiration for your social content ideas, generate texts, convert web content into posts or rewrite your top performing posts by providing simple instructions to the tool.

Repurposing Top Performing Posts: By identifying the best performing organic content, OwlyWriter AI helps rewrite content proven to drive engagement and reach to recreate this success without duplicating content. Write New Captions: By guiding you through a menu of options, OwlyWriter AI instantly turns responses into captions that can be adapted for social media, or inspired by specific writing styles like HOOK (Headline, Offer, Single Angle, Kicker), AMP (Attention, Marketing Positioning, Test), WIIFM (What’s in it for me) or AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Get content inspiration: Thinking of OwlyWriter AI as an extension of the content creative team, users can feed off simple prompts to generate content ideas and post options to go with them. Produce topical posts: If OwlyWriter AI provides a link to web content, such as a recent blog post or thought-provoking article, the content of that web page can be easily generated and converted into a social post. Drive Audience Engagement Across Key Dates – To help social media marketers take advantage of milestone dates, OwlyWriter AI can generate relevant celebratory content ideas and in turn increase timely social engagement social.

At the moment, Hootsuite has released the open beta version of OwlyWriter AI to your customers for free Limited Time. This will allow the tool to collect useful information that will serve as a basis for future improvements. As you have stated williams: “We are committed to continuing to build OwlyWriter AI’s powerful end-to-end social posting capabilities into the multiple touchpoints where our customers struggle to get content ideas, create compelling posts, and populate empty social content calendars. That’s the future of OwlyWriter AI.”

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