Hoop Carpool closes a €1.2M round to consolidate its shared sustainable mobility business

Hoop Carpoolthe carpooling startup, has raised a investment round of 1.2 million euroswith which it plans to boost its platform for organizing trips and car sharing.

The operation has been led by the impact manager Ship2B Ventures through the BSocial Impact Fund, with the support of Banco Sabadell, FEI and AXIS, as well as by 4Founders Capital. Lanai Partners and several business angels also joined the investment.

Future Plans for Hoop Carpool

The company stands out for its focus on shared mobility, allowing people to save time, money and emissions by optimizing vehicle occupancy. Currently, Hoop Carpool has more than 60 clients and more than 60,000 trips facilitatedand has a presence in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia.

They have managed to save 220,000 kg of CO2 emissions and have shared cars for more than 1.6 million kilometers on the platform. Among its upcoming plans, the objectives of reach a million euros in turnover in the next 12 monthsdouble its work team and consolidate its position in Spain.

Hoop Carpool has established strategic alliances with national companies such as Mercadona or Banco Santander, as well as with recognized brands in the hotel sector such as Iberostar or Meliá. In addition, it has expanded its presence to public bodies, universities and municipalities that seek to promote sustainable mobility.

Connecting travelers for a more sustainable mobility

Carpooling, also known as shared ride or car sharing, is a practice by which several people who make similar journeys share the same vehicle to travel together. The main objective is to make the most of the capacity of cars, thus reducing the number of vehicles in circulation and decreasing traffic congestiontransportation costs and polluting gas emissions.

Hoop Carpool was founded by Nathan Lehoucq (CEO), Andrea García (CSO), Carlos Alonso (CTO) and Paloma Martín (CMO). Aware of the challenges posed by mobility, as well as its high costs and the pollution produced by conventional means of transport on the outskirts of Madrid, they decided to create an alternative solution. And that’s how it was 2019 This platform was born, aimed at connecting drivers and passengers who share a destination or part of a common journey. Proposing an efficient and sustainable solution.

Users on the platform who register as drivers They can establish a price per kilometer around €0.10/kmalthough in the application it is allowed to set a maximum of €0.15/km. However, the final price of the journey is determined by the driver and may vary slightly above or below the recommendation. In addition, in the event that the passenger is student or employee of a collaborating entityit is possible that the trips will become free for them, since the driver would be directly compensated by their company or university.

Photo: Hoop Carpool

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