Damages generated by squatters in 2017

Damages generated by squatters in 2017

During 2017 there has been an increase in complaints for illegal occupation in Spain. Specifically, there is a 92% more complaints than in 2016. In this sense, most of them are concentrated in Madrid and Barcelona.

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How many squatter houses are there in Spain?

It is estimated that in Spain there are at least some 85,000 houses occupied. However, this is not a determining figure as it is based on the number of complaints. Therefore, it is assumed that the real number of squatted houses in Spain is higher.

Madrid is the city with the most squatted houses. So, it is calculated that in the capital there are at least 4,000 houses It is a state of occupation. The second city that suffers the most from this problem is Barcelona, ​​where a minimum of 2,000 squatter houses are estimated.

How much does the damage caused by squatters cost?

To calculate the damages generated by the squatters, the value of the square meter of the houseand an estimate is made of the profits that the owner could have had if i had rented or sold the property, or if you had used it as your main residence. In this sense, the squatters cost the Spanish some €22,000,000 per year.

What effects does squatting have?


The main negative effects of the increase in squatter houses are:

decreases the legal certainty of the market. In other words, a state of nervousness is generated when putting houses up for sale or rent, so that the owners tend to ask for much stricter requirements to move into. Are placed fewer homes for rent. As a consequence of this nervousness, many owners prefer not to publish rents and use other means such as word of mouth.
Owners raise prices as a consequence of the reduction in supply and as a measure to keep away a low-income public and potential squatters. This derives in the reduced access to housing for those who have fewer resources and need a place to live. In this way, the generalization insecurity in the communities of neighbors. Either for fear that the prices of your own home will rise or for the possible appearance of squatters in the urbanization. squatting causes serious anxiety problems to the owners of the flats and to the neighbors who live in the adjacent homes.

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Thus, a chain arises that generates instability in the market and in people and causes economic and psychological damage.

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