Broadcom will install a semiconductor plant in Spain that will mobilize 900 million euros


The semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom has announced this Thursday that it will install a manufacturing plant in Spain in which it will invest 900 million euros.

“Excited to announce our decision to invest in Spain’s semiconductor ecosystem under its #PERTE_Chip semiconductor support program and the principles of the EU Chip Law. Thanks to Pedro Sánchez for his support and decision to build a more resilient global semiconductor value chain”, CEO Charlie Kawaas said on Twitter.

According to government sources, behind this statement lies the intention to build a large-scale “back-end” semiconductor facility, which would be the only one in Europe, increasing the company’s penetration of this market niche and playing a strategic role in strengthening of the microchip ecosystem in Spain.

It is estimated that the operation will mobilize an investment of 1,000 million dollars (900 million euros), although the location for which the company will bet to settle in our country has not been disclosed.

Thus, the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has applauded this “great news” for the microelectronics and semiconductor ecosystem and has indicated that it is “a sign of the confidence of international investors in our country”, she has written in a message on social networks, collected by Europa Press.