An internal Instagram report confirms the weakness of its Reels in the face of the rise of TikTok


Stop to think for a moment and answer the following question: Do you spend more time on Instagram or TikTok? The results of Meta, the parent company of Instagram, indicate that the platform dedicated to sharing photos and stories is experiencing a drop in popularity.

The TikTok algorithm It is without a doubt the jewel in the crown of all your success. The platform seeks to offer its users content that seems to be randomly selected, but the reality is that the more you consume and generate interactions, little by little the video feed adapts to your interests.

Added to this is the fact that it is very easy to create content on TikTok thanks to the options it has to edit videos, without the need to go to extra applications to create content.

The platforms of the Meta group, especially Instagram, have tried to reproduce the strategies used by TikTok to match and even exceed the figures of the social network, something that has not been possible. According to an internal report by Meta itself, to which it has had access The Wall Street JournalTikTok users accumulate 197.8 million hours a day watching content on the platformwhile on Instagram they only pass 17.6 million hours a day watching reelsthat is, less than a tenth.

Furthermore, the report explains that reel engagement had been dropping (13.6% less in the previous four weeks) and that “Most Reels users have no engagement at all.”

no original content

One of Instagram’s strategies has been to take some of the virtues of TikTok and offer them within its platform. A clear example of this is the Reels, a section very similar to what TikTok is.

Although Reels made it to Instagram, the platform ran into another problem: the lack of original content. Almost a third of the videos that are uploaded to Reels are made from other platforms, including TikTokand they are even posted with watermarks that reveal not having made the video from Instagram.

Instagram is aware of this, which is why it warned its users that it reduces reposted content in recommendations. In addition, Meta allocated one billion dollars for the monetization of the great content creatorsof which the Reels section has received a total of $120 million to date.

“We still have work to do, but creators and businesses are seeing promising results and our monetization growth is faster than we expected as more people watch, create and connect through Reels than ever before,” he explained. Meta spokesperson Devi Narasimhan told The Verge.

dissatisfied users

Several content creators for Instagram, including photographers, journalists and influencers, have constantly complained about the changes they have experienced within the application.

Another factor that influences users’ content consumption is that Meta has desperately sought to keep its users happy, but the factor of wanting to reproduce TikTok’s strategies on each of its platforms has even led them to users complain and choose not to use them

Instagram is gradually receiving more criticism What great results. And it is that this platform that came to set a trend, seems to have lost its shine due to the insistence of showing content from accounts that you do not follow, something that is inspired by TikTok and that just a few weeks ago motivated a wave of criticism towards the social network , in which some of the users with the most followers on Instagram participated, such as Kyllie Jenner or Kim Kardashian.

In any case, let us remember that, according to the latest available data, Instagram continues to have a great advantage over the Chinese social network in terms of the number of active users: 1,478 million against 1,000. In the coming months we will see if this gap still exists or has closed so much that both networks are already on par.

Image: Depositphotos

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