Carmina Shoemaker increases its sales by 25% with the implementation of a 3D customizer [Case study]


One of the great challenges for any online store, today, is to provide personalized shopping experiences to the customer so that he can design a unique product totally tailored, and establish in his mind an exact idea of ​​what he is going to buy.

A 3D customizer is the ideal tool capable of taking advantage of the potential of visual content to create truly immersive and immersive shopping experiencesand thus obtain benefits such as customer satisfaction, user retention, increased sales and even reduced number of returns.

For a really powerful customizer, Carmina Shoemaker I needed to go one step further improve your 2D customizer to implement a 3D customizer capable of projecting the actual quality of the shoe and offering a high level of precision and detail.

Carmina Shoemaker revolutionizes the customer experience with its 3D Customizer

Carmina Shoemaker, known as one of the best handmade shoe brands in the world and based in Mallorca, in 2015 decided to bet on Trilogi, the e-commerce consulting firm dedicated exclusively to the development and implementation of online stores, to open her first store on-line. During all these years they have been implementing new solutions and carrying out projects such as the 3D customizer, which, without a doubt, has achieved revolutionize the customer experience in e-commerce.

The main challenge for the Carmina Shoemaker team was to coordinate all the information about the multiple options and variations that exist in each model, to generate the shoe in 3D and project it correctly in the customizer. So, all possible options had to be taken into account to be able to program them together and thus offer the infinite possibilities that a client has when designing their own shoe: skins, laces, sole, tongue, etc. In addition, they wanted to boost the omnichannel experience by implementing the 3D customizer in all their physical and mobile points of sale.

The role of Trilogi during the implementation of the 3D customizer

To carry out this great project, we had the collaboration of LogiCommerce, the eCommerce software that has been integrated with the 3D customizer to create unique shopping experiences through any device, and Threedium, the platform that provides an entire 3D system in one and truly immersive technology solutions.

Trilogi was the one in charge of establishing the connection between LogiCommerce and Threedium. In other words, Trilogi, through the Threedium API connections, was in charge of making sure that each one of the functionalities that its previous 2D Customizer already had, were applied to the 3D model.

“It was very clear to us that not everyone would be able to integrate a Customizer with the quality and precision that we envisioned from the beginning. From the first moment we decided to bet on Trilogi, we understood that what they were going to offer us, we were not going to find anywhere else» Margalida Rius, Industrial Design Engineer & Product Designer at Carmina Shoemaker.

Carmina Shoemaker’s 3D customizer has a wide variety of features, including a restrictions system, a mobile solution, a wishlist, a URL sharing system and an omnichannel system.

“The level of perfection with which you can visualize the shoe is really high, visually it is very powerful. Also, at a technical level, the variability of customizers offered by Carmina Shoemaker is much higher than any other» Joel Torner, Web Developer at Trilogi.

Personalization, a key factor to succeed in the e-commerce sector

As they explain to us, the customer experience has improved enormously and the expectations with which the project began have been far exceeded thanks to the great involvement of all the collaborators. Carmina Shoemaker experienced a 23% sales increase after the implementation of the 3D customizer. In addition, the percentage of sales made through the customizer accounted for the 25% on total sales; 73% on Desktop and 27% on Mobile.

“We are very proud of the result. We have not seen in the world, right now, any Customizer with the level of options that we have. The opportunity to be able to visualize and personalize a product in real time, with 3D and in a 360º format, is something that cannot be done in any other brand, neither in our own sector, nor in any other» Miquel Martorell, eCommerce & Marketing Manager in Carmina Shoemaker.

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