5 keys to grow your YouTube channel


Every content creator or creator wants their YouTube video to reach many people and for this they must know how to optimize the SEO of their video. For this there are several strategies and using them all correctly can help you make the content more visible and easy to identify by the audience.

Some of the strategies that can be implemented include optimizing the title, description, video tags, using attractive thumbnails, and creating playlists. Here we tell you how to take advantage of all this in 5 keys:

1. Keywords

Choosing the right keywords can determine whether or not a video will be successful. To find keywords, it’s a good idea to create a list of root keywords, which are terms that describe broad topics related to your video content.

The keywords we choose must be entered into YouTube search to get suggestions for long tail keywords, that is, more specific and detailed terms used to describe a particular topic or content.

It is also important to keep in mind that it is best to search for keywords with many searches but with low competition so that the video you upload stands out among others.

2. Pay attention to watch time

YouTube’s main goal is to keep people on your platform, so you should look to maintain watch time on videos so that the algorithm prefers your content.

We do not mean that the video is long or short. We are talking about the audience deciding to stay watching the content that you uploaded for a certain time and not removing it; YouTube generally wants the first 15 seconds to remain in the video. Although certainly, longer videos tend to have a longer watch time and are therefore more favored in search results.

It is also important to remove all the padding from the videos, such as very long intros or transitions that do not add anything relevant to the content. For this it is good to have a good planning about what will be shown.

3. Video optimization

SEO is not a practice that is carried out in written articles, it also influences a lot on YouTube. One of the recommendations is to use keywords in the titles to help positioning, especially if this helps to maximize the CTR (Click-Through Rate).

Another way to optimize is through the descriptions, making them at least 2 paragraphs and talking in detail about the content that is being displayed, in addition to including the same keyword that has been used in the title.

You also have to use the video tags, using those that include the target keyword and its derivatives. Tags should always describe the subject of the video.

4. Attractive thumbnails

The YouTube thumbnail is the image that appears next to the video title and description. Such an image is the first impression viewers have of the video content, so it’s important that it be attractive, grab their attention, and encourage them to click.

According to YouTube, 90% of the best performing videos have custom thumbnails. It is best to use bright colors and contrasting designs so that they capture attention at first glance, in addition to placing graphic elements that wink at the type of content that is going to be displayed.

5. Playlists

Playlists are a way to increase channel views and subscriptions as they help increase viewers’ session time, that is, the time a person spends on the platform after starting to watch a video.

Session time is an important ranking factor on YouTube, as the platform prioritizes videos that keep users on the platform longer. Playlists get viewers to see more of your channel, so it’s good to keep them organized.

Semrush can be a very valuable tool to help improve the positioning of your videos on YouTube. Thanks to this analysis tool, you can find popular keywords and topics within your niche, as well as obtain data on the performance of your competitors. You will also have the option to monitor the position of your videos and make adjustments to optimize them further.

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