30% of Freshly Cosmetics’ turnover already comes from abroad


Freshly Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics brand native to the internet that has managed, in a short time, to become a benchmark in the sector, as reflected by its victory at the 2021 Ecommerce Awards as best online store in Spain.

after a 2022 event, in which it managed to inaugurate five new stores, open a new logistics center, accelerate its online international expansion and export its products to more than 35 countries in Europe, America and Asia, and close with a total turnover of 45 million euros (stable compared to 2021)Freshly is aiming high on its 2023 goals.

2023 objectives: expansion at all levels

For this year, the Catalan firm has set a clear objective: expansion, both physically in retail within Spain, like online with the international expansion of its digital channel. In fact, currently 30% of its turnover already comes from outside our borders.

Among the physical plans, Freshly wants open a dozen physical stores in Spain. The first ones that have been confirmed will be located in Barcelona (in the Westfield La Maquinista shopping center), in tarragona (in the Parc Central shopping center), in Grenade (in Calle Recogidas) and in Palm (in the street of San Miguel). While, in the online sphere, the brand hopes to continue with its international expansion taking your eCommerce to new markets.

In order to achieve all these goals, Freshly Cosmetics envisions incorporate a total of 70 people into its staff distributed among the stores, Reus headquarters and the Gandesa logistics center.

Miquel Antolín, CEO and co-founder of Freshly Cosmetics, assured, “2023 will be an exciting year. In 2022 we focus on the consolidation of the company after two years of exponential growth. It has been a year full of learning and we are very happy with the results we have achieved. We have learned a lot and we have been very efficient, without a doubt this has helped us lay our foundations for the future.

Looking ahead to this year, we have set ourselves a very clear objective: the expansion. We want to grow at all levels, especially in retail and international, without losing the essence of what has brought us here. We want to continue to keep our customers at the center, because we know that it would not have been possible to get this far without their unconditional support.”

The Freshly story: the natural cosmetics revolution is born

Freshly Cosmetics started as a native digital brand, Founded by Mireia Trepat and Miquel Antolín, both chemical engineers, in Tarragona in 2016. They started with just 7 employees and with a clear mission: revolutionize the world of cosmeticsstriking a balance between natural ingredients, sustainability and a more personalized user experience, whom they named Freshly Fans.

Miquel Antolín and Mireia Trepat, co-founders and CEO and CMO, respectively, of Freshly Cosmetics

As its founders explained, in 2015 they saw that “traditional cosmetics needed a change, a revolution.” And since Miquel’s mother, Mercè Civil, made natural cosmetic products, they saw the opportunity to add value to the world of cosmetics.

Freshly products contain more than 99% ingredients of natural origin, and none are tested on animals. In addition, 95% of the containers are 100% recyclable glass, aluminum, and kraft, and the company is already working with new materials, such as the cardboard tubes that it has already implemented in some of its products.

Likewise, over the years, Freshly Cosmetics has implemented various marketing strategies with which they reward their customers, such as Freshly Days, several days with offers and promotions, and Black Month, a celebration that refers to Black Friday, with which they offer a whole month of discounts on their products.

The beginnings of its online expansion and internationalization

In 2019 they began their offline expansion, and this was advancing more each year, opening physical stores in Barcelona (2019), Madrid (2020) and Valencia (2021).

Later, in 2021while closing a round of 22 million dollars (some 19.03 million euros at that time), they took another big step by crossing borders and opening their first physical store abroad, the Freshly Store London at 44 Carnaby Street in London. The two-storey store with a total area of ​​85 square metres, is located on one of the busiest streets in the UK, with more than half a million pedestrians per month.

He 2022 was the year the brand opened more Freshly Stores, managing to inaugurate 5 located in Reus, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Gijón and Pamplona. They also inaugurated a logistics center in Gandesa that has 14,000 square meters.

Maria BorrasMarketing Manager of Freshly, stated in an interview we did with him in 2022 that “although Freshly’s core business is digital, physical stores help to better reach the final consumer. In this way, customers can interact (see, smell) the products, this helps to reach the final consumer more directly and be closer to them. In this way, it is proposed as one more marketing strategy, because even if customers cannot attend the stores, they have customer service at their disposal.

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