Xavier Idevik (DonDominio): “AI could be a before and after in the security and optimization of web hosting”

The web domain is a key piece for any online project, be it an eCommerce, a blog or a personal page. MrDomain is a company specialized in offering a wide variety of domain options, with its own management platform that facilitates their administration and configuration. On this occasion, we interviewed Xavier Idevik (Mallorca, 1988), Director of Marketing at MrDomainwho will tell us about the latest news from the company regarding hosting plansas well as about the current landscape of the sector of the domains and trends that are shaping the future of the industry. Go for it! 😉

You have been at MrDomain for 11 and a half years, how has the sector changed since then?

11 years go a long way, and in the case of the digital world, a lot! And for the domain sector it has not been different, it will be difficult to summarize it but here we go. One of the most notable I would say has been the increasing diversity and availability of domain extensions. Previously, we were mainly used to domains known as top-level domains: .com, .net, .org…However, in recent years, hundreds of new extensions have been introduced, such as .app, .tech, .online, .store and many more. This expansion has given users a greater variety of options to create their brand online.

Furthermore, there has been a significant increase in the importance of domains as digital assets, partly thanks to the Covid19 pandemic, but also due to the growth of the current digital age. Domain names have become an essential part of companies’ branding and marketing strategies, as they can have a significant impact on a company’s online success. This has led to a increased focus on buying, selling and managing domains as a strategic investment.

Another relevant change has been the focus on the security and privacy of the domains. With the increase in online threats, stronger security measures have been implemented, both by registrars with updates such as two-step authentication, verification of access to customer accounts, internal security systems… and in general privatization of the domain data in a generic way.

What are the current trends around the creation of web pages, hosting and domains?

Regarding the creation of web pages, the outstanding trend is the ease of use and accessibility for any type of user. Today’s tools and platforms allow users without technical experience to create attractive and functional web pages, which has expanded access to web creation to any type of public, greatly benefiting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In the field of hosting, the migration to cloud hosting It is a relevant trend. Cloud hosting services, either directly or indirectly, are becoming increasingly popular due to their scalability, performance, and flexibility.

Lastly, regarding domains, the current trend is to use industry-specific extensions. New domain options allow businesses to customize their names based on their niche or industry, enhancing their online identity and offering greater domain name availability. If you are creating a technology companywhy not use a .tech?

How are hosting companies adapting to these changes?

Hosting companies are adapting to the changes by incorporating cloud hosting services, improving the user experience and prioritizing security. For example, at MrDomain, we are developing cloud based solutions, and apart, improved interfaces to offer greater flexibility and ease of use to any type of user. In addition, they are strengthening security measures and providing integrated solutions, such as firewalls to protect web pages.

These adaptations make it possible to offer more efficient, intuitive and secure solutions as the industry evolves.

Buying a domain can be a major task for many users looking to establish their online presence. Could you tell us which are the most relevant aspects that should be taken into account when acquiring a domain for a website?

When acquiring a domain for a web page, I consider that there are two factors to take into account mainly. Firstly, the choice of the domain name itself, since it must be relevant and representative of the brand or content that is going to be created, and secondly, the domain extension to use, it is essential to select one appropriate domain extension, taking into account the sector and the target audience. Aside from looking for a reputable domain registrar, have you heard of MrDomain? 😉

They tell us by earpiece that DonDominio has updated its hosting plans, what changes have been made and what are the main improvements?

I see that you are aware of everything! Well yes, as part of our innovation plan, we have launched several improvements in all plans focused on hosting, with the aim of continuing to offer a quality service and adapted to current requirements.

To summarize, we have Expanded web space available per planincreased, for example, from 1GB in the Basic plan to 5GB, we have put unlimited traffic as a general characteristic whatever the plan and increased PHP memory per process, which will make all web pages load faster. In addition, we now offer the possibility of creating additional email accounts in the Advanced and Corporate plans.

These are improvements that have a very positive effect on whatever web page or online project is going to be created and that will help us to be more competitive in today’s market.

What are the main differences between shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans? What factors should customers consider when choosing a hosting plan?

The main differences between shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans lie in he level of resources and control offered by each. He shared hosting involves sharing server resources with other users, which makes it the most economical and currently used option. VPS servers, on the other hand, offer a greater allocation of resources and allow great control, since each client has an independent virtual environment even if the server is also shared with other users. As for dedicated servers, they have exclusive resources and complete control over the physical server.

When choosing a hosting plan, customers should consider factors such as the expected visits, performance and scalability requirementshe level of control and customization desired, as well as the available budget. It is also important to assess the technical support and reputation from the hosting provider.

How do domains and web hosting affect marketing and e-commerce? What advice would you give to a website owner looking to improve their online presence?

Domains and web hosting play a vital role in both marketing and e-commerce. The domain will be the access door and the address related to your eCommerce. In addition, having a reliable, high-performance and stable web hosting, will ensure a good experience for website visitorswhich is an essential requirement to achieve the objectives established for eCommerce.

To improve the online presence, there are several minimum aspects that must be worked on. First, optimize the web page for search engines (SEO), using relevant keywords and making sure that the content is quality and up-to-date. In addition, carry out digital marketing strategies to promote the website and attract traffic (social networks, newsletter, communities…). It’s also important to provide valuable and relevant content to your visitors, which can include creating unique content like blogs, tutorials, or free resources.

Finally, and very important today, interact with the audience and offer excellent customer service to encourage loyalty and positive word of mouth.

How does MrDomain ensure that his clients are protected against security threats? What security measures have been implemented in your hosting plans?

At DonDominio we guarantee the protection of our clients by keeping ourselves up-to-date on the best practices and security technologies, in addition to having our own servers, which gives us greater control and the ability to implement specific security measures.

Regarding hosting plans, we have been implementing various security measures over the years. From measures such as applications of firewall (WAF rules) to detect and block possible attacks to the clients’ web applications until the implementation of anti-hacking rules with systems like ModSecurityto protect websites against intrusions and known exploits.

Finally, to guarantee the availability and protection of web pages, we use geodistributed DNS systemss, which allows sites to be served from DNS servers located in different geographic locations. This improves availability and provides protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. In addition, we carry out regular backupsensuring the availability of backups in case of data loss or technical problems.

Do you think artificial intelligence will play a big role in the future of web hosting? How do you think this could affect the way hosting companies offer their services?

Seeing the current evolution that artificial intelligence is having, I would say yes, that it can play an important role in the future of web hosting, mainly in the optimization of resources and security. The AI ​​will improve aspects such as the optimal allocation of server resources and the proactive detection of cyber threats, providing superior performance and protection for web pages than today.

This will positively affect hosting providers, as by driving things like automation and customization, it will free up time for them to focus on more strategic things.

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