Where to install security cameras at home?

Where to install security cameras at home?

When deciding where to put surveillance cameras, you have to know exploit the strengths of the home. In this sense, we will take into account the size of the spaces where we want to install a security camera and the distribution of the elements present.

Once this is done, we must follow a series of guidelines depending on whether it is a place outside or inside the house.

What are the best places to put cameras inside the house

In the corners to cover the largest possible angle. In places that allow you to see the main entrances to the house, both doors like windows. A good trick is to combine visible cameras with hidden cameras. In this way we can cover blind spots without the thief being aware. It would also be optimal to have good night cameras for hours of low light. It is essential to locate security cameras on the ground floor, since 81% of thieves enter through this level.

In which places is it better to put a camera outside the home?

Again, it is crucial to have all accesses to the home covered, even if it is a security window little accessible or the accesses have bars. The camera must be located at a sufficient height so that it is not within the reach of people. When placing cameras outside, it is preferable that they look good. So we will generate a powerful deterrent effect. We must try not to record public roads and any point that does not belong to our premises. Otherwise we will be infringing the Right to Privacy Law.

Where not to put security cameras at home?

If we have security systems like the burglar smoke y security fog, it is preferable not to install cameras in these rooms. Instead, we will place the cameras at the entrances to those rooms and in the immediate vicinity. It is also essential to know that we will never put fake cameras. If the thief realizes this, he can use it to his advantage and commit the robbery without problems.

Also, if we want a really effective security system, the best option is connect the camera to an alarm and have, in turn, a connection to the Alarm Receiving Center. In this way we can benefit from great advantages such as the video verification or the immediate reaction.

Finally, it is not recommended in any way install fake security cameras to deceive thieves. In the event of theft, they would be a great inconvenience and would give the thief the opportunity to use it for his benefit.

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