What is the deterrent effect and how to generate it?

What is the deterrent effect?


The deterrent effect is the result that different elements produce by discouraging and, therefore,talk out to a thiefthat he commits a robbery before he tries it. That is, it consists of Change a would-be thief’s mind when you try to commit theft or robbery.


What is the deterrent effect and how to generate it? – Prosegur Blog


How is the deterrent effect generated?


The best ways to create a deterrent effect and scare off thieves are:

Simulating the presence at home. Notifying the thief through signs, posters, etc. Putting security systems in sight.


How to prevent theft by simulating presence at home?

To prevent them from breaking in, pretending to be at home is one of the best options as it makes many thieves think twice. For this reason it is important to have home automation systemsand elements connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). So we can program our Smart TV to turn on when we go to work or to play music for a few hours a day if we are on vacation.


If we cannot afford this type of system, we can always ask a neighbor, friend or family member to come by from time to time, move the blinds, water the plants, turn on a few lights and, in short, pretend that the house is not empty for long periods of time.


Safety signs and deterrent plate

Put a clearly visible sign on the facade of our property or at the access door is one of the best ways to prevent theft. This way we will be warning any intruder that our house:


It is protected with alarm. That we have video surveillance. That both security systems are connected to the Alarm Receiving Center. Therefore, in the event of an incident, the Police would arrive in a matter of minutes.


Dissuasion board - why do you need an alarm

Prosegur deterrent plate.


Under no circumstances shouldput fake security cameras or use deterrence plates without really having security systems. Generally, they cause more problems than they solve and pose a greater risk if discovered.


Other ways to prevent home burglaries

Other methods to prevent thieves from breaking into our house can be:


Count on visible security systems, such as video surveillance cameras or bars. Leave the occasional light on at night when we go to sleep. Have a porter service in the urbanization. In this sense, Hawkeye Prosegurit is a perfect measure. have a watchdog at homeIt is perhaps the best dissuasive measure. This one will protect us and its barking will drive away most intruders.


How to protect my house against thieves


One of the best ways to protect a home against burglaries is through the deterrent effect. As they say, better to prevent than to cure. Therefore, following these security tips can help you and your loved ones to save you the odd scare.


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