What is partial arming of a security system?

What is partial arming of a security system?

Security and alarm systems have come a long way in recent times. To the new features, such as better sensors and measures against sabotage or inhibition, is added the possibility of carrying out a partial arming of the system.

What does this concept mean? What is it for and what are the advantages of partial assembly? We explain it very easily.

What is partial arming?

The partial set It is a function of security systems that allows the system to be activated in one room of the house while it is still active in another.

When you install a part armed security system, the different zones that it will protect can be programmed in it. Two types are distinguished:

Interior areas. Exterior areas.

Those that are configured in the security system as “interior zones” will be disconnected by partial arming when it is executed.

In this way, said partial arming will activate only the sensors of the zones marked as “exterior”, leaving those of the rest of the house unarmed.

This is very useful for protect our home when we are inside. You can choose to build only one floor of the house, the garden, or an adjoining room, such as a garage, for example.

In this way, we can lead a normal life inside the house, or sleep peacefully at night, knowing that if someone approaches, the alarm will notify us.

What security systems allow partial arming?

The security systems that allow make use of partial arming and zone programming are:

The security alarm and the different detectors.
Las video surveillance cameras.
The access control.
The perimeter security.

All these systems can be adapted to any type of home, office or company, taking into account their particular layout.

In what situations is it convenient to have partial arming?

The partial set of a security system is very useful in:

Dwellings that have perfectly delimited exterior and interior parts. Larger houses, with areas that are little used (especially at night) and that may be susceptible to intrusion as they are less crowded. Homes in which all the bedrooms are on the same floor. In businesses with different areas, when one of them is not open to the public. In warehouses or warehouses that are not very crowded in the company, especially at certain times, they may be under surveillance by means of partial arming while the activity of the rest of the organization in other areas of the premises continues to function normally, such as offices or entrance garages. and exit of vehicles.

With the possibility of partial arming, the alarm not only serves to protect the property in our absence, but also to be safer and more comfortable when we remain inside it.

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