What does the Prosegur homeowners association assistant do?

What does the Prosegur homeowners association assistant do?

At Prosegur we have always believed in truly comprehensive protection. Therefore, in addition to defending your home, we offer a security service for communities of owners.

In this way, you know that the environment in which you live will also be safe from any unforeseen event.

And within that security for communities of owners is included the figure of the community of owners assistant. We explain what everything consists of in a very simple way.

What is security for communities of owners of Prosegur

It is a comprehensive protection service for communities of owners, which adapts to the residential complex in which you live.

Whether it is an apartment building, a group of houses or an urbanization, We guarantee comprehensive protection with our security measures.

Our experts will analyze the community and establish the necessary measures, such as:

Alarm systems connected to central. Dispatch of immediate help and notification to the police or emergencies. Comprehensive video surveillance solutions. Access controls. On-site security, etc.

What is and what does the assistant of communities of owners

At Prosegur we have always wanted to go further and cover all facets of security. That also includes legal and administrative securitysomething very important when it comes to communities of owners.

That is why, within this service, you can have the help of a community of owners assistant.

It is made up of the best prepared professionals in the community management and administrationwho will advise you on all aspects of your community of owners.

That extends your protection so that covers possible contingencies and problems in which the community of owners can be immersed, such as:

The administration of the funds. Defaults and delinquencies. Doubts about permits and works. Mediation between owners. The management of common areas. Administrative obligations. Insurance procedures. Matters to discuss with other communities.

With the community of owners assistant you will have a expert to whom you can ask any questions and that will help defend the interests of the community of neighbors.

This way you can sleep peacefully, because not only will your house be protected from everything, but you can also forget about what surrounds you.

The best security for your neighborhood community

In short, we understand that your safety and that of your home is not complete if it does not cover everything that affects you directly, as is the case with your neighborhood community. To cover that flank and that your protection is comprehensive, you can have the security service for communities of owners.

And so that this security is also legal and administrative, accounts in the service with a assistant for communities of owners. That is, an expert who will watch over your community as if it were his own.

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