Twitter’s next steps: 10,000-character texts and DM updates, including full encryption


Since Elon Muskthe magnate owner of Tesla, acquired the social network Twitter It has given a lot to talk about with its new functions and innovations. Now two new announcements are added to the list that could change the way users use the platform.

More characters for everyone

One of the best-known features of Twitter is that it is a space for posting short information. Tweets only allow 280 characters of content, although since the beginning of February 2023 Twitter Blue subscribers can post with 4,000 characters. Now, Musk has decided to please users looking for more words by announcing that the platform will soon support tweets with up to 10,000 characters.

This ad has caused adverse opinions, since the social network is characterized by its brief content. In 2017, users were controversial when the platform went from admitting 140 to 280 characters, but over time it was reflected that the audience enjoyed having the opportunity to express themselves with greater length.

This decision could be one of the first steps to find a way of monetization on Twitter for content creators. By having longer texts, users would stay longer within the platform and ads can be implementedin addition to preventing content creators from resorting to links that redirect the audience to other portals where they can publish the full content.

Twitter focuses on direct messages

It is no secret to any Twitter user that the options available in the direct messages section are basic and simple, but Musk seeks to renew this and implement new possibilities for the private conversations of your users.

The first thing the platform looks for, and plans to implement it this month, is the message encryption. In addition, it will be possible to reply to individual direct messages in a thread and use any emoji as a reaction instead of the current preset list.

In short, these are interesting tweaks, which will be highly relevant to some users, but are unlikely to move the needle for increased revenue or adoption. Which, they probably aren’t designed to do, but it’s interesting to see Twitter focusing on things like this in the midst of its various biggest concerns.

“The goal is to roll out the ability to reply to individual text messages, use any reaction emoji, and encryption later this month,” Musk wrote.

By encrypting DM messages, it means that as only the users that integrate the conversation will be able to read the messages. No one else, not even Twitter employees, will have access to the conversation, something that is possible today.

It is not yet known if the encryption will be something optional or if it will be implemented by default in all Twitter accounts; In addition to being in doubt if it will only be for individual or group conversations.

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