Top: The World’s Most Valuable Brands (2023)


The English consultant Brand Finance has published, as it usually does every year, its ranking Brand Finance Global 500, in which he reveals what are the most valuable brands on the planet according to its financial value.

In the 2023 edition, Amazonwhich since 2019 did not lead the list, has ousted the technology company Manzana. The top 5 complete it Google, Microsoft and Walmartall American companies that occupied exactly the same place in last year’s edition.

The most valuable, according to Brand Finance: Amazon climbs to the top

According to the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking, Amazon 4 years after the last time, it has once again occupied first place as the most valuable brand in the world, despite having registered a fall of the value of its brand of almost 15%, going from the 350,300 million dollars (313,850M€) that it registered last year to the 299,300 million dollars (277,328 M€) this year.

The more than $50 billion drop in the valuation of Jeff Bezos’ company is due in part to the rating drop from AAA+ to AAA, as a consequence of the harshness with which consumers evaluate the company in post-pandemic times.

Research conducted by Brand Finance has revealed that customers recommend Amazon less, because they are unhappy with the company’s customer service and with the lengthening of delivery times. On top of this, with people returning to shopping in person, the need for online retail has slightly decreased.

For its part, the technology company Manzana, whose brand value has decreased by 16% being located in the $297.5 billion (€275,660M), ranks second as the most valuable brand in the world. Last year its value was 355,100 million dollars (318,126.26M€). The loss of value of Steve Jobs’ company has been associated with a drop in expected revenue, as a limitation in the supply of his branded hardware products is expected, as a result of an interruption in the supply chain of goods and a restricted labor market.

With respect to Googlethe technology giant, although it increased its value, did not obtain such a marked growth (6.8%). However, just like last year, it retains third place, reaching the 281,400 million dollars (260,742 M€).

They complete the top ten positions on this list: in fourth place, Microsoft, with an increase in brand value of 6.8% to 281,400 million dollars (260,742 M€); Walmart, one of the main players in retail trade, which maintains fifth place and whose value increased by 1.7% to 113,800 million dollars (105,445 M€). In sixth place we find Samsung Group (its brand value has decreased by 7.1% to €92,381 million)Chinese banking ICBC climb to seventh place (€64,398 M), the American telecommunications giant, Verizonoccupies the eighth place (€62,452 M).

American vehicle manufacturer Tesla, which occupies the 9th position in the ranking, has achieved one of the highest growth in brand value with 43.9%, reaching the 66,200 million dollars (61,340 M€). This year’s top 10 has been completed for the first time by the Chinese social network TikTokwith a rating of 65,700 million dollars (60,876 M€).

Top 10 most valuable companies in the world 2022

As we have already seen, this 2023 there have been various variations with respect to the results of the ranking of the previous edition. But something that we cannot ignore is the precipitous fall in value of Facebook, which has been displaced to the 14th position of the most valuable brands in the world this 2023, and whose value has decreased 41.7% to 59,000 million dollars (546,688 M€) compared to the previous year. In fact, it is the first time in many years that it has not entered the top 10.

The most valuable Spanish brands according to Brand Finance

Among the 500 most valuable international brands, only 7 Spanish brands that together they achieve a joint value of 55,700 million euros, which is 6% more than in 2022 (52.6 billion euros). The lucky ones are:

Santander in position 166 Zara in position 181 Movistar in position 293 BBVA in position 343 Mercadona in position 391 CaixaBank in position 479 Repsol in position 500

BYD, the fastest growing brand

In this year’s edition, Brand Finance names the Chinese vehicle manufacturer BYD, as the world’s fastest growing brand. Thanks to the increased demand for electric cars, the value of the brand has increased by 57% to the 10,100 million dollars (93,585 M€).

Second and third place go to the US energy company i know phillips and the conglomerate maersk, who have grown 56% and 53% respectively.

Likewise, on the positive side are social networks LinkedIn and Instagram, achieving growth of its brands 49% (€14,362 M) and 42% (€43,920 M). The growth of these brands within the technology sector is thanks to the good execution of their service marketing strategies.

Secondly, on the negative side we find at the head, whose brand value has fallen by 56% to reach the 10,000 million dollars (92,659 M€). Also listed are the Chinese online store Tmall, with a loss of 44%, Alibaba’s online subsidiary Taobao, and Facebook, with a loss of 42%.

North American supremacy and the technological sector

In a slightly more detailed analysis, one can observe the US dominance and the weight of the brands that respond to the technological sector in the entire ranking, while eCommerce has disappeared from the ranking of this edition.

brand value by industry

brand value by country

Google is crowned with the strongest brand title in the world

Regarding the strongest brands in the world, Google has risen from third to first place with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 93.2 out of 100 and a AAA+ rating.

they follow him Youtube, which in 2022 was in fourth place and is now second with a 92.7 and AAA+ rating. While swisscoma brand that the previous year was not included in the top 10, now appears in third position with a 91.7 and AAA+ rating. And, for his part, wechat with a 91.6 and a AAA+ rating, it falls to fourth position, thus being ousted from the first place it achieved last year.

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