Top: the most used hashtags in the world on Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin (2023)


Social networks have become essential platforms for brands and influencers who want to reach a broader audience, publicize products, create like-minded communities, improve engagement and increase conversions, among other benefits. Networks like Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin host information of interest to different target audiences and in each of them the use of hashtags is essential to stand out.

The hashtags or tags are very helpful elements to ensure that the published content, whether in feed, stories or reels, has more visibility and better positioning. By including a hashtag related to the theme of a particular post, the Instagram algorithm, for example, will be able to take it into account and make it appear among the first places in the search that is displayed when you click on that hashtag.

He Digital Report 2023 produced by We Are Social In collaboration with meltwaterwhich has data as interesting as the ones you will see below: the 30 most used hashtags on Instagramk, TikTok and LinkedIn around the world since the beginning of these apps.

The 30 most used hashtags on Instagram

From the list of 30 most popular hashtags on the social network around the world, this is the Top 10:

#sees it

Really this year the Top 10 did not have great variations. All the hashtags remained on the list, but “#instagram” rose two positions to take over number 5, taking that place from “#art” which dropped to number 6 and also displacing “#photography” to number 7 (which in 2022 was one position higher).

#love stayed like the most used hashtag on Instagram worldwide. Last year he gathered 2,147.5 million of posts, featuring images and videos of couples, weddings, families, pets, and much more. And in fact, for this 2023 it remained with the same figure.

Here you can see the rest of the top 30:

The 30 most used hashtags on TikTok

On TikTok, #FYP remains the most used since it refers to to the “For your page” (or “For you” in Spanish) section of the app with almost 35 billion posts, something that far exceeds the 18.57 billion of the previous year. Appearing in this TikTok selection can give your content metrics a boost. In fact, this desire of content creators is reaffirmed when observing that #ForYou and #ForYourPage close the Top 3 this year.

In 2022 #viral and #tiktok were in second and third place on the list. Now the first one mentioned occupies the fourth position and the other number 5. For their part, #trending and #duet occupy the next two positions (6 and 7) after being part of the Top 5 hashtags the previous year. most used.

The 30 most used hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the professional social network par excellence, keeps the hashtag #India in the first place with a total of 67.3 million posts.

And just like in 2022, this year’s Top 5 closed with the terms #innovation, #management, #humanresources and #digitalmarketing.

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