Top: the most followed influencers on social networks in the world (2023)


Since the birth of the social networks there have been users and brands that have managed to stand out from the competition and earn a place in the hearts (and in the browsers and apps) of users around the world. The most followed influencers on social media They are capable of making content go viral, boosting its dissemination, setting trends and gaining greater media power with each step that allows them to easily promote any content.

The most followed influencers on social networks

Currently there are millions of profiles and users filling social networks, but only a few manage to accumulate legions of followers and form a solid community that takes them to the Olympus of social platforms.

So that you know exactly who occupy prominent positions in each network, we have collected the pertinent data for you and we present you with the definitive lists of the profiles and pages with the largest number of followers on the most popular platforms, as of February 2023. Some were already famous for their work, projects, etc. and those who have achieved fame thanks to their activity on the networks themselves, but if they have one thing in common, it is that they are the most followed influencers on social networks!

The most followed pages on Facebook

Despite the innumerable controversies that it has had over the years, Facebook remains the social network with the most users worldwide. And among the official pages hosted on it, the one with the largest number of followers is again, for another year, that of the house (Facebook App), although it continues to lose followers. Last year it stood at 195.7 million followers (15 million less than in 2021) and this 2023 it loses 13.3 million and goes on to have 182.4 million.

So much samsung with 162 million followers, as Cristiano Ronaldo With 161 million, they repeat their place on the podium, in second and third place respectively. mr bean gains 6 million users and remains in fourth place (currently has 135 million) and the middle 5 Minute Crafts (125.3 million) rises to fifth place.

For his part, Shakira has continued adding followers and as of today has 121 million, which places it in sixth position, above the average CGTN (119 million). Closing the top 10, we find the real Madrid FC (116.1 million), to Will Smith (114 million) already Leo Messi (113 million).

The profiles with the most followers on Instagram

In recent years instagram It has managed to position itself among the favorite social networks of Internet users around the planet, and among its profiles with the most followers we find the same instagram account with, currently, 600 million, 142 million more than the previous year.

follows him Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano), who has 543 million followers (155.5 million more in relation to the previous year), which remains in second position. While Lionel Messi goes from fourth to third place in the table with 426 million followers on his account @Leo Messi and hence, Kylie Jenner (380 million) down one position.

Those who also exchange positions are Selena Gomez (375 million) and Ariana Grande (354 million), the first goes from seventh to fifth place and the second from fifth to seventh. For his part, dwayne johnson (361 million) continues in sixth position.

Finally we find kim kardashian (343 million), Beyonce (294 million) and Khloe Karsashian (292 million).

The most followed LinkedIn profiles in the world

LinkedIn he also has his Top 10 most followed profiles on his professional hack platform. The most followed on this social network continues to be the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, with 36.1 million followers (+1.08 million). The Top 3 is completed by the CEO of Virgin Richard Branson, in second place (19.77 million) and Jeff Weinerformer CEO of Linkedin, third with 10.75 million.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (10.32 million), go up one position and, in exchange, Arianna Huffington (10.2 million), co-founder of Huffington Post, drops to fifth place. The rest of the table continues distributed in the same way as in 2022.

Businessman Mark Cuban (7.65 million) ranks sixth, motivational writer and speaker Tony Robbins (7.32 million) the seventh, the former developer and product manager at Microsoft Melinda French Gates (7.23 million) the eighth, the deceased in 2020 Jack Welch (7.16 million), who was a renowned American businessman, writer, and engineer, the ninth, and writer and motivator simon sinek (6.6 million) the tenth.

The most followed TikTok users in the world

In the case of the influencers with the most followers on TikTok, this year we have a new protagonist. Khaby Lamewith 154.5 million followers, rises from second to first place and unseats charli d’amelio (149.7 million) that had been crowning the list for several years and now occupies the second position. Close the podium Pretty poarch (92.8 million).

Maintaining his fourth position we find Addison Rae with 88.9 million followers, followed by MrBeast (74.3 million), who sneaks in at number five. This input causes both Zach King (73 million), as Will Smith (72.9 million) and Kimberly Loaiza (72.2 million), descend to sixth, seventh and eighth position respectively.

Finally, closing the top 10, appear Burak Özdemi (69 million) and the own account of TikTok (67.4 million).

The Twitter accounts with the most followers in the world

On Twitter, the former president of the United States, Barack Obamacontinues to be the most followed one more year with 133.3 million followers, followed by the CEO of the social network himself, Elon Musk (127.7 million), who experiences a stellar rise from the 12th position he held in 2022.

This causes Justin Bieber (113.5 million) go down one step and stay in third position. And this domino effect also applies to Katy Perry (now fourth with 108.7 million), Rihanna (now fifth with 107.8 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo (now sixth with 107.4 million).

donald trump (87.6 million), who recovered his account after Elon Musk took over Twitter, appears this year in seventh position. And, the last three positions are occupied by: the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi (86.2 million), the artist Lady Gaga (84.9 million) and the account of the platform Youtube (78.5 million).

The youtubers with the most followers in the world

Speaking precisely of YoutubeWithout a doubt, this is another of the great social networks that manage to attract billions of users around the world every day. At the moment, T-Seriesa record and audiovisual label from India, remains the channel with the most subscribers on the platform, this time with 235 million.

Secondly, it does not experience any variations and the children’s content channel is maintained in it cocomelon, with 153 million followers. For his part, Indian set, the entertainment channel sony in India, it is third with 151 million. The crazy challenges channel of MrBeastthanks to its 131 million subscribers, appears in fourth position after rising from the fifth position it occupied in 2022 and, consequently, the popular youtuber pewdiepie (111 million), drops to fifth place.

The rest of the list remains the same as the previous year, with the exception of the last two positions, which are exchanged this 2023. In sixth place we find Kids Diana Show (107 million), in the seventh to Like Nastya (104 million), in the eighth to WWE (93.1 million), in the ninth to Vlad and Niki (93 million) and, finally, in the tenth to Zee Music Company (92 million).

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