Top: the 10 best tools to create QR codes


QR codes are an evolution of traditional bar codes, and they fulfill the same functionality: store information. However, the use of QR, or quick response codes for its acronym in English, has diversified outside of industrial applications, becoming a highly versatile tool in today’s digital ecosystem. Furthermore, since the pandemic, we have become familiar with the use of this tool to access information without having to come into physical contact. For example, in bars and restaurants, where the menu can be downloaded from a QR code located on each table.

From a simple scan from our mobile device, either from the camera or a specific application for reading it, a QR code allows us to generate navigation shortcuts to facilitate the download of documents (menus, guides, eBooks…), give access to websites, enable connections to internet networks, redirect to payment gateways, among many other options.

But how do you create a QR code? There are several simple tools that allow us to create this type of code without the need for special knowledge. In this top, we select the 10 best on the market.

Top 10 tools for creating QRs

QR Codes

This platform presents an initiative created in 2009 in response to the insertion of QRs in the Spanish digital scene that had been taking place since the previous year. In addition to offering a QR generator, it also has functions to generate barcodes and of datamatrix. Likewise, it also presents QR reading tools, online and offlineand a support forum for any questions that may arise in the process.

To produce the codes it is only necessary to enter the corresponding information and press the generate code button. This page allows you to produce codes to: access URLs, send SMS, make calls, send emails, read encrypted texts, access contact cards, map locations, event reminders and access to WiFi networks. Is free.


Founded in 2019, Easy customer is a platform dedicated to the creation and configuration of corporate websites and online stores. Offering your clients the opportunity to create easy-to-use websites with an intuitive design that allows them to keep their business updated, secure and available on different devices.

Likewise, it has solutions for the creation of digital letters and logs optimized by means of QR codes, which users can read through its mobile application, anywhere and anytime. Unlike other options, this service is not free, and you can validate your costs in your Web.

GoQR It is presented as one of the leading platforms in the generation of QR in the internet ecosystem. This platform provides its services for free, which include the generation of codes for the same options as QR Codes, but with a higher quality for printing the codes.

On the other hand, it offers other special functions such as the creation of QR dynamic, which can be modified once they have been generated. It also offers the option of generating codes with the company logo included, at an approximate cost of 59 euros.

QR Code Chimp

QR Code Chimp It works both as a platform for creating QR codes and for managing them. Like Unitag, it shows a wide customization capacity, showing from different colors and styles to a wide variety of designs and shapes for the QR.

It has 4 subscription planswhich incorporate the generation of unlimited static codes along with analytical functions, dynamic codes, among others that vary depending on the plan.

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a service of Bitly, which offers an all-in-one QR marketing platform. In other words, it allows the creation, personalization, management and analysis of QR codes and their campaigns. In principle it is a completely free service, but you can access more specific functions in your PRO version. This version allows the creation of dynamic codes, as well as the generation of codes for video and MP3 files, along with other options.

QR Code Monkey

This platform allows the creation of QRs in a completely free way, presenting, in addition to its website, a Chrome app and an API for better integration. Likewise, it offers a wide opportunity for customization (including putting your logo inside the code without losing precision in the scan), as well as access in different languages, adapting to various markets.

It also allows you to track downloads, obtaining statistics.

QR Code Tiger

This is one of the most used free platforms in the internet ecosystem. It allows the creation of static codes and their respective customization. To access more complex features such as QR tracking, metrics, batch production and dynamic codes, you need to join your subscription servicewhich has 5 different plans.


This platform offers its users its entire catalog of tools completely free of charge, although it does have a donation section for those who want to support the project.

Among its functions we find all those present on most platforms, along with more artistic design options, where it combines the QR with a painting or photograph. It also has a section for performance metrics and print simulation to avoid confusion with the final result, and allows you to include multiple URLs within a single code.

QR Stuff

This platform allows the creation of both static and dynamic QR codes for free. However, to be able to opt for more detailed customization functions, it is necessary to join their subscription service (from €11/month).

On the other hand, this platform has quite specific QR options, such as: YouTube videos, PayPal links, DropBox folders, Skype video calls, Bitcoin payment, iTunes link, Wi-Fi login, Zoom meetings, among others. others.


Unittag is a French platform created in 2001, which provides services for the creation of QR codes to both individuals and companies. For free, it allows the creation of low-quality QRs, but with a wide level of customization (colors, styles and designs), in addition to presenting default layouts for different social networks and platforms, incorporating their logos.

Despite being free, it also has a registration option and a subscription service, more focused on companies, which allows the creation of high-quality codes in batches, along with other features. It consists of three subscription plans, which can be located in the price section of your website.

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