Top 7: the most visited online pharmacies in Spain (2023)

It could be said that it is the most recognized online pharmacy store in all of Spain, since it accounted for 1.7 million visits in November 2022. Its popularity derives from the wide variety of products displayed in its catalog, which is easy to explore thanks to its efficient categorization system within its website.

Today this marketplaces has more than 50,000 products offered on its website, belonging to more than 3,000 different brands, in addition to offering shipments through 500 partners. It should be noted that, in addition to the most common categories such as medicines, cosmetics, health, hygiene, and babies and mothers, Promofarma also includes the dietary, optical, orthopedic, herbal, and natural cosmetic categories. Thus offering a wide range of possibilities to its clients that has been specializing and expanding over the years.

Likewise, this online pharmacy also has a very complete blog that, like your store, is divided into categoriesso that it is easier to filter the results and find answers to the doubts you have. Blog articles are written by experts and are reviewed by physicians to offer all possible guarantees. In addition, each author has her own profile on the web, so that you can find out who she is and her training, providing greater security.

Last but not least, we could not close this section without highlighting that Promofarma managed to rise as best marketplace at the Ecommerce Awards 2022the reference prizes for electronic commerce in Spain organized by us.


With 1.5 million visits Registered in November 2022, it is considered one of the leading pharmacies in the Spanish online market. On its website you can find OTC medicines, parapharmacy and even veterinary products that are delivered to your home in a minimum time.

Your website has an easy-to-use design with which the user can easily find the products. Everything is differentiated by sections, with some outstanding brands, promotions and a search engine in case you have a specific item in mind.

As in the previous case, Dosfarma also has its own Blog. This is very well organized by categories, and within these we find various subcategories that help to better filter the information. But, does not highlight the profile of its authors nor does it expose the guarantees in such a visible way as Promofarmaso when comparing them, at first glance the previous one gives us a greater sense of security and professionalism.


3.Atida | mifarma

This company recently changed its name from Mifarma by Atida a Atida | mifarma to give priority to the history of the company. Along with this change, they also decided to redesign their website, which had been chaotic and not very visual before, making it more user-friendly and gaining from the change. This November he has managed to register 1.2 million visits.

It is known for being an international supplier of parapharmacy products. His story indicates that started as a small pharmacy in 1980 in the city of Albacete and little by little it grew until today it became one of the companies with the largest online shipments of health products. In its catalog we find the usual categories, highlighting the inclusion of orthopedic, optical and veterinary products.

On the other hand, in his Blogas well as articles written They also post explanatory videos.. This has a visual design and very well organized.


On his website, which he registered 660,000 visitsnot only offers pharmacy products, it also has a section of Blog where he hangs informative publications on some healing products or techniques and a pharmaceutical consultation section through which pharmacy experts will be able to answer the questions of users who require it.

Although its web design is not as attractive to the eye as that of other online pharmacies on the list, it is very well organized. Count with one great catalog sorted by categories, to which sports nutrition has recently been incorporated. Likewise, within each category we find a list of subcategories of the widest, very useful in guiding our search.

Thanks to his work, evolution and merits, Pharmacius reached the position of finalist in the best medium-sized eCommerce category at the 2022 Ecommerce Awards.


This pharmaceutical company’s mission is to offer a wide catalog of pharmacy and parapharmacy products with the highest possible quality. What makes it one of the most popular is that they always seek to have competitive prices to capture the attention of more customers, something that has helped them register 512,400 visits on its website.

Its design is a little more chaotic than other websites of this list, which hinders usability. To view the complete product categories you must scroll a lot on the web, which prevents a unified view of all of them. What must be recognized is that they are well ordered and present a very complete offer. It also has a office section in which users can direct their questions to Dr. Vasquetes.

6.Pharmacies Direct