Top +20: the best apps for the holidays that you should take on your mobile (2023)

the moment has already arrived. Many of you will already be on vacation and others are about to take them, but surely all of you will take that inseparable friend who accompanies you at any time of your life as a travel companion. Indeed, we are not talking about your partner, or your best friend, or your pet, but from your smartphone.

Mobile devices have become an extension of our arm, and mobile applications in that virtual world that we visit daily. But, Can these apps help us to have a perfect trip? Since we know that you will not be separated from your mobile, we want to recommend the apps that you cannot miss if you are on vacation or if you are planning one.

Of course, there are hundreds of apps that could be on the list, either to book trips, hotels, make plans, organize your expenses, etc. We have simply tried to select a representative sample for each of the phases of your vacation.

Discover the best apps for the holidays

Apps to prepare your trip

Other apps that will be useful to you during the trip

Apps to prepare your trip

Planning is a crucial point to achieve the ideal vacation. For this reason we leave you below best travel booking appsaccommodation, transportation or simply finding a special destination.


With this app, you can book cheap accommodation in popular destinations around the world. From hotels to bungalows, apartments, villas… Agoda offers a wide range of options (almost 2 million accommodations) so you can enjoy your trip choosing the type of vacation rental you prefer and that best suits you.

In addition, using the app you will have access to exclusive offers that are not found on the web. Added to this, with the Private Offers, with the Last Minute Offers and with the Secret Offers, you can get savings of up to 80%.


This application is famous for locating flight offers that favor making multi-destination trips at a good price, being able to visit up to four different countries on the same trip. Its system searches and combines flights from different airlines, managing to connect trips and obtaining the best possible prices. It is even possible to add destinations for free or to reduce the total price.

But don’t worry, because if a multi-destination trip is not what you are looking for, you can also find flights to a single place. In addition, from the app itself you can also locate hotels with competitive prices and add them to the purchase, leaving the flight and accommodation tied up in a single operation. Another interesting function in Match Airhopperwhich allows you to connect with people who will be in the same destination as you and on the same dates.


This platform raises a new way of staying to travelers, leaving aside the big chains and promoting a community economy model. The Airbnb app currently offers its services throughout about 190 countrieswhere the hosts make their homes available to travelers for their lodging.

In this way, an ecosystem is created where it is possible to rent, from an apartment to a chalet on the beach, and it is possible to share it with people who share the same interests. In addition, since the mode of flexible searchfinding accommodation and the ideal destination is even easier.


If you are looking for cheap holidays and you want to discover new places without leaving your wallet on the go, Blablacar is your app. Is about an application that connects people traveling to the same place. One puts the car and offers the remaining seats. You share the gasoline, and let’s travel!


Surely you also know this app. Booking is a platform where you can book hotels with deals all over the world. The app is very complete and allows you to confirm directly with the hotel through it, and it even prepares you a personalized guide of things to see, customs of the place where you go and even predicts the weather for the days of your stay. Quite complete and with very interesting offers.


This digital travel agency specializes in offering flash travel packages, closed and available for a limited time, making them more accessible to the public. This means that unlike what is conventional, it handles specific travel offers, with certain dates.

flix bus

Flixbus is a company that operates at European leveland offers ecological transport services over long distances, making a difference in this mobility market. In other words, a comfortable and ecological travel option, ideal if you like road trips and are interested in taking care of the environment. Its main attraction, in addition to the comfort and economy it represents, is the digital integration of its platform, where you can make reservations, purchases and any type of action without leaving your appwithout the need to print tickets and without management fees for the reservation.


Can you imagine being able to predict the price of your plane tickets even a year before buying them? Well, that’s what Hopper does. This application will help you find the best deals on flights, making a ticket price tracking and sending you a notification when it considers that it is the ideal moment of purchase, which you can manage from the app itself. According to Hopper’s data, his predictions are 95% accurate.

pack point

When making a trip it is very important to know what things we will need and not leave anything behind. A great ally to have our list of everything we need to pack under control is the Packpoint app. This helps you organize your luggage taking into account various variantssuch as the duration of your stay, the weather, whether it is a business or pleasure trip, what activities you have planned, etc.


This application is an all in one, in it you can plan your trip, but also document and share it with your friends and family. Polarsteps works like an interactive travel notebook, in it you can access the routes and guides created by the app’s editors or by travelers who have wanted to share their experiences to help others. In this way, creating and customizing your travel route will be much easier.

On the other hand, it allows keep track of your journey around the world pointing it out on a world map, where you can also highlight your favorite places or add photos, videos or notes to remember special moments in each place you visit. You can share this data with your loved ones, with other travelers or keep it just for yourself, you decide how much you want to expose it.


The plane does not have to be the only or the best option to travel. Depending on where you are going, you may need different types of transportand to plan your trips Nothing better than having all the possibilities. With Rome2rio you can find the best options to travel, be it by train, ferry, bus, rented car or many other means in more than 160 countries.


Once you have made your reservations, you can count on TripIt to be your travel assistant and help you create custom itineraries. Once you have the reservation data for flights, hotels, rental cars or any other service that you are going to use for your trip, you just have to enter them in the app to have all the relevant details in the same organized space and which you can access even without connection.


If you want to travel by plane, Skyscanner is the flight price comparator you need. You can set a destination or take a chance and click “anywhere”. This app will show you all the places you can travel to, the price of the flights, if you have stopovers, etc. And once chosen, the app itself redirects you to the offer of the companies you have chosen.


sure it is already one of the essential apps that you have on your device, but if you still don’t have it, what are you waiting for to download it? The Tripadvisor application helps you both plan your trip by choosing the hotel with best ratings, as well as to enjoy your destination, since this travel platform informs you of the restaurants best valued by diners and the best places to go in your destination. It is the travel comparator whose base are the opinions of travelers.

Pirate Travelers

This platform, which has been working in Spain since 2015, offers a daily wide variety of offers on flights, hotels and travel packages, ideal if you are looking for more accessible options. In addition, Viajeros Piratas also offers on its platform the latest news on the sector and relevant information on visa issues, and everything you need to know when traveling.

Other apps that will be useful to you during the trip

Going on vacation is not only about the destination or the previous preparation, it is also about the journey. That is why we bring you some apps below that will allow you to enjoy the trip on the way to that ideal place to vacation and once you have arrived there.


Vacations are for rest, and for many this includes giving up driving. However, it is still necessary to move from one place to another, for these cases a good option is Cabify. This company, belongs to the select club of Spanish unicorns, offers transport services, like a taxi, but with private drivers. This modality has been very fashionable for several years, and with its Cabify app it has managed to establish one of the most solid platforms on the market.

Free Now -My Taxi

This mobility app It works in a similar way to Cabify, and offers its services in 10 European countries. This application, from the mobility service provider Free Now, offers its users the possibility of getting around, at their choice, both by car and by motorcycle. It also provides offers on its services, which are worth keeping an eye out for to save some money.

Gas stations Spain

Nothing makes you more angry than being in places you don’t know too well with your car and suddenly the tank light comes on in your car. It’s time to look for a gas station, and for this there is the Gasolineras España app. Tells you which is the closest and the price at which gasoline and diesel are quoted. Can you ask for more?


Another of the holiday apps that you should have on your mobile: if you are one of those who likes to enjoy your holidays lying under the sun, With this app you will be able to know the state of the beaches, locate the ones closest to you and thus be able to visit the best natural and beach spots around you.


This is the official application of the Directorate General of Trafficand in it you will have access to your driver’s license and vehicle documentation digitally. It will also make it possible to make payments of the fines received and manage any pertinent procedure for the DGT.

In this way you will have at your fingertips all the necessary documentation to travel without worries. Even so, it is advisable to keep the physical documentation at hand, especially if you travel outside of Spain, since the digital documentation is only valid within the country.


Vacationing in a group is a great experience, although sometimes it can be complicated when it comes to dividing the expenses, for these cases Tricount is the ideal application. This app, allows to balance expenses in cases of common activities. To use it, simply enter the expenses and the application will calculate the balance for each participant, proposing the best way to adjust the accounts. Without a doubt, a very useful application when it comes to managing money on a group trip.

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