This is the rebranding of Fútbol Emotion: a new image for a new stage full of challenges

Futbol Emotion, known as Soloporteros until 2016, has decided to undertake a striking rebranding. The company, which was created in 2001 with the aim of selling specific equipment for goalkeepers, has developed tremendous growth in recent years, diversifying its product offering, going from selling kits for soccer goalkeepers to all types of clothing and sports equipment, both like to go running like to wear every day.

How is the new logo of Fútbol Emotion

When it undertook its brand change in 2016, going from Soloporteros to Futbol Emotion, the company thought that the nature of its business had also changed, they not only wanted to sell products for goalkeepers, but for anyone interested in sports and urban style. .

But let’s talk about its new logo, developed by the agency summa. A few days ago, his CDO Héctor Mainar announced on his Twitter account, like the company in the rest of its networks, the new logo, along with its new claim «Be the best».

To learn a little more about this change, we have spoken with Héctor himself:

When did the idea of ​​making this change come up?

Héctor Mainar, CDO of Soccer Emotion

Since Fútbol Emotion joined the Tansley group, we are in a ambitious expansion process with much more iconic, extensive store openings and in better locations. Also the entry into new verticals, and internationalizing our company much more firmly.

We had been using our current logo since 2016 (when we abandoned our old name of Soloporteros), but the idea of ​​change was not so much a matter of fashion but of accompanying the growth of the business with a more global and recognizable brand. Our corporate image also needed to grow in the same way, so at that point we contacted Summa Branding, who are benchmarks in this area, having worked creating brand architectures for companies as iconic as Correos, RTVE or Barça.

“Be the best”: a commitment to be the best

Were you clear about what you were looking for when you started the process?

A few months ago we acquired the company of Basketball Revolution, a benchmark in the basketball sector and which we began to operate. In the coming months, important news will come from our basketball subsidiary, wanting to replicate our specialist model to another sport with content, exclusive ranges, etc.

With our obsession in omnichannel, we want to create a unified user profile for that and other experiences in our ecosystem (such as our Yulava club management app, our Academy line, or our product line profiles on social media). We want to explain in a simple way through a brand the relationship between the different aspects of our company.

Besides We will gradually reveal our complete brand architecture: In order to encompass our different product verticals, we will launch our new corporate brand, not aimed at an end customer but more oriented towards our B2B area and our more business information.

How long has the development of the new image lasted? Have there been many versions that have fallen by the wayside? What lessons have you learned from this process?

We start in January. Around our internal belief that “life with sport is more exciting”, we built our brand archetype: How do we want to engage with customers? How will the different brands relate to each other? How do our business lines (such as Academy or our B2B sales network) fit with our different brands?

Along the way, we have created a corporate brand that we will unveil shortly, new isologos and also our own identity for our own product brands that will be launched in the coming weeks.

As the company’s own CDO has commented, «we have even created our own font, called «Be the best» to make all our creatives more recognizable and that translates the movement of our E to specific characters. It has been an interesting reflection to analyze between different drafts and work sessions what makes us different when it comes to communicating with the client, what are our hallmarks and where our brand must grow to identify with it”.

Application of the logo and the new claim on a Fútbol Emotion ticket

In reality, this combination of work and effort to improve has been present in the company for years, taking them to the top of the podium at the 2022 Ecommerce Awards, for example, a recognition that awarded Fútbol Emotion as the best Spanish company in the sector. eCommerce «for its high specialization and for being a benchmark vertical in its sector, which not only sells products but also a whole knowledge of the sector. Due to the constant growth in recent years and due to the large volume of orders and good conversion rates.”

A new stage with new challenges

Asked about new challenges for his company, Mainar explains that “in the coming months work on many of these challenges will see the light of day, such as retail management for professional clubs, our new application for grassroots football clubs, numerous physical stores and even our first international warehouse. All with the ambition of being the best specialist retailers and offering the best consumer experience, as dictated by our new claim Be the best”.

The importance of doing a good rebranding

Any brand, throughout its entire existence, usually experiences numerous changes and situations that directly affect its business. When someone hears about a specific brand that they know first-hand, the first thing that comes to mind is usually its logo, symbol, or colors that surround that company. In this way, for a brand already established in the market and with a long history, rebranding can be riskybut it doesn’t have to be an error (or at least not in all cases).

As we had previously told you in this longer article, doing a good rebranding consists of a series of essential steps. First of all, you have to take into account the point where your brand is located and what goals do you have Then comes the time for the creation of the brand image that represents the values of your current company. choose the colors and typography It’s fundamental. It will be necessary to define if they will be the same as always or if they will change, always taking into account that each color has a symbology and its own psychological connotations. And finally, it will have to be disseminated in all the channels that the company uses, to let both the team and the consumers know.

Evolution logo Futbol Emotion

Evolution of the Fútbol Emotion logo, formerly Soloporteros

Here you can see a clear example of how Fútbol Emotion has changed over the years. From 2001 to this year, he has opted to continue keeping its original colors, but in 2016 you can see how there is a very notable change in regards to the typography, symbols and colors used.

The 2023 logo shows a clearer version of the brand name, separating the words Fútbol and Emotion, The symbol of a ball has been added like the one it had when Soloporteros was created, along with the letter “e” that has been characteristic for some years now. In addition, they have included the tilde in the word “soccer”. On the other hand, they have also disseminated this rebranding on their social network channels and it is already visible on their website.

It seems that they have complied with the five steps to follow and that the bases for the rebranding to work are laid. Let’s hope that the public reception confirms it.

Image: Football Emotion

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