This is the new Semrush App Center tool that helps manage influencer marketing

In the competitive world of social media, gaining visibility for brands has become a key challenge. Although these platforms offer opportunities to increase brand awareness, content is not automatically shown to the right people at the right time. In this context, influencer marketing has emerged as an essential strategy for brands today. With its ability to make authentic connections with the public, influencer marketing has positioned itself as an effective way to overcome this challenge and reach a broader audience.

93% of marketers have ever used an influencer marketing strategy due to the value it brings to brands. Given the great weight of importance that this type of strategy has been gaining, Semrush has launched a tool in its App Center for managing influencer campaigns, a new tool called BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics. Its objective is to help companies effectively manage the connection between the faces of social networks and the brand.

Agencies play a crucial role in helping businesses design, implement, and manage large-scale influencer marketing campaigns. Brands that partner with agencies can leverage their experience, resources, and connections to gain a competitive advantage in the ad space. However, in a saturated online environment, agencies need refined tools to keep up in 2023. The industry demands streamlined solutions that deliver results, clear data, and consistent ROI.

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What is and what does BuzzGuru Influencer Marketing offer?

The version of BuzzGuru that you will find in the Semrush App Center is a platform that allows agencies to manage and organize multiple influencer marketing campaigns in one place. It offers automation, reporting and analytics, media plan creation, influencer research, keyword research, and end-to-end campaign management (including UTM link tracking). Additionally, agencies can invite clients to follow campaigns in real time, building trust and transparency.

This influencer campaign management app also allows agencies to benchmark strategies by analyzing the influencer marketing campaigns of brands’ competitors. It also allows you to select the right influencers for your clients based on previously established criteria, view engagement metrics, and manage content efficiently.

Additionally, agencies can track campaign metrics in detail, access automatically updated reports, and share progress with clients. These reports not only offer valuable insights, but also help agencies improve future influencer marketing campaigns.

Why opt for an influencer marketing strategy

The struggle to gain visibility on social networks is one of the main challenges for brands. While social media offers opportunities to increase brand awareness, content isn’t automatically shown to the right people at the right time. Agencies can help overcome this challenge by using more innovative and effective techniques that leverage influencer marketing.

However, influencer marketing can cause agency anxiety as it involves substantial planning, competitor research, and refined brand positioning. Some agencies, especially newer ones, don’t know where to start and feel insecure about offering a completely new service to their clients, so they turn to tools like BuzzGuru.

Still, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective strategy due to its ability to make genuine connections with the public. Unlike brands that are often perceived as overly promotional, influencers act as unbiased intermediaries who already have a trusted following they can engage with. These influencers position products and services in a way that is consistent with their existing persona, giving brands the opportunity to partner with them in a natural and authentic way.

Authenticity is a crucial component in influencer marketing. Followers trust influencers and value their opinion. When an influencer promotes a product or service, their followers see it as a trusted recommendation and are more inclined to consider the offer. By aligning with relevant and credible influencers, brands can leverage this trusted relationship to reach a broader audience and make meaningful connections.

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