This is how the new Instagram Group Profiles are: collaborative accounts and with several administrators

Late last year, Adam Mosseri, director of instagramrevealed the three axes on which the social network would base its strategy to promote its development in 2023. These, in summary, were: inspire people to be more creative, help them discover things they love and create connections between these .

Precisely, the first and second premise is based on the new function with which Instagram has just surprised us: the Group Profiles. This novelty allows users to create a collaborative profile and share it, having several administrators. Let’s find out how it works!

(And if you prefer a more summarized explanation in video, here is a summary from our buddy and content creator, Yara Quevedo 😉 .)


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How Group Profiles work

Group Profiles are managed from each user’s own personal accountand both creating and using them is very simple.

For create a group profile The first thing we should do is go to our user feed and click on the icon of the three horizontal lines that appears in the upper right corner. In doing so, we will find a new option in the menu: «Group profiles».

When we select this option, we will be shown the groups of which we are members and of which we are administrators, in addition to the “Create” option, which is what interests us right now. Once selected we can begin to set up our new group profilechoosing a profile photo, the name of the group, our username within the group and establishing a description of the group.

Additionally, you must establish if the group will be private (only members of the group will be able to see the profile) or public (it will be visible to all Instagram users). Finally, it can be determined whether or not as administrators we will have the power to approve posts of the other members before they are published. An option that would serve to act as moderators. Finally, we click on the button “create” And that’s it, we already have our group profile!

You can see the screen of a mobile showing the configuration of the new function "Group profiles"

Once the group profile is created, we can invite other users to join itboth these and we can create and publish all kinds of content (posts, stories, reels, etc.) as if it were an individual account.

How to access the Group Profile

Once you’ve created or joined a group profile, a message box will appear. new section in the central menu of your User Feed. You will only have to click on this option and a tab will open in which you will be shown the groups that you manage or to which you belong. Select the group you want to access, and that’s it.

multiple possibilities

This unexpected novelty opens up a whole range of possibilities Before content creators, who could use them to promote events, to create thematic or niche groups, for companies, or simply for groups of friends.

Undoubtedly, a most interesting bet on the part of Instagram, which can bring you great results. boosting creativity and new ways of connecting.

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