This is Flocktory Exchange: a personalized rewards platform to drive growth and loyalty

For a business to stand out in the digital world, it is very important to have tools and strategies that help you attract customers, since by competing without limits (with companies from all corners of the world). One option is to use a platform that offers a system to reward the user based on certain actions.

One option is Flocktory Exchange, a marketing and loyalty platform that focuses on providing a selection of personalized gifts and rewards to users for specific actions and providing personalized offers from affiliate partners. Provides an effective way to increase the customer loyalty and attract new high-quality buyers.

The platform is aimed at those companies that want to attract a greater number of customers for their brand and in turn improve the experience of their customers and increase user traffic. This can be achieved with its customization algorithms that allow the rewards to be adapted to each user based on their preferences, tastes, and behaviors, something that is known thanks to their prediction system. Among the rewards that users receive are free offers, coupons and exclusive offers.

How Flocktory Exchange works

The truth is that using platforms like Flocktory Exchange is not complicated at all. Once the company is already affiliated, it only has to wait for the user to access the platform after completing a certain action on one of the partner websites.

The system uses black and white lists set up by the companies themselves to ensure that offers only come from partners who are not direct competitors of the user’s website company. In addition, advertising brands can block specific brands or stores if they don’t want to send traffic to them; they also have full control over bidding, content, landing page, and targeting. They can target new users, exclude those already in your CRM database, or opt for other strategies.

The Exchange storefront is personalized for each person based on their past purchases, cyclical purchases, overall purchase behavior, and behavior patterns similar to other people. This creates a high level of confidence in the offers.since the user perceived as an extension of the website which you originally accessed.

What type of companies can we find among the offers

Some companies use the platform to attract new orders and offer gifts, such as e-commerce companies, banks, airlines, travel companies, insurance companies and subscription services, online games, among others. Some companies that work with Flocktory in Spain are: Bulevip, Carethy, Bosanova or Electrodepot.

Other partners use it to retain their audiences, improve the post-purchase experience, further monetize them and motivate them to take useful actions, such as banks, payment systems, mobile phone operators, media and classifieds.

In short, the Exchange allows companies to reward users for specific actions and offer personalized offers from affiliate partners. It provides a high level of trust and differentiation from the competition, and can be used by a variety of industries to solve different business objectives.

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