This has been the most searched on Google in Spain (and the world) during 2022


2022 is coming to an end and as usual, Google has published a list with the most searched topics, both globally and in Spain. With these results, the first thing that stands out is that Covid is becoming a thing of the past and users pay more and more attention to other current affairs, personalities, and political events.

In Spain, the trend continues and the most searched topics are related to topics of news, sporting events, film series and television, as well as other extraordinary events.

Most popular searches in Spain

In the category of general searches, the Google search engine surprises by putting in the first place Wordle, a very addictive game that has been viral thanks to Twitter and Facebook. In fact, thanks to its success, multiple variants of the game have emerged for lovers of cinema and geography. In this same category they slip political and social issues related to Ukraine (rank 2), Russia (rank 5), climate change (rank 8) and monkeypox (rank 10).

Between the current searches, the one that has received the most attention has to do with what is related to Ukraine and the war that has been unleashed since Russia began its invasion at the end of February. Likewise, we see the interest of the population in knowing about climate change (position 2), monkeypox (position 3), the price of electricity (position 4) and the transport strike (position 5), these two being latest issues a great concern of the Spanish population. Of the concerns of the Covid, only the searches on the symptoms of the Omicron variant remain.

Between the prescriptions What the Spaniards are most interested in and seek are: porra antequerana, tinto de verano, sex on the beach, orejas de carnaval and salmorreta, dishes that reflect the taste for good food and perfect cocktails for the holiday season.

The two sporting events that have been most significant this year are the Qatar World Cup and Eurobasket. Searches related to these topics are searched in the form of questions ‘when does the World Cup start’ and ‘When does Spain play basketball’, occupying position 1 and 9 respectively in the ‘When’ category. From Google they indicate that the athletes with the most searches are the tennis players Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz, both with a triumphant year. In this same category some curious searches have been made such as: ‘when does fifa 23 come out’, ‘when does the heat wave end’ or ‘when is electricity cheaper today’.

Regarding the most searched entertainment programs and series, the first place is occupied by ‘Secret Story’, followed by ‘Survivors’ and ‘Uncharted’, the film adaptation of the popular video game saga. And in the characters category, the aristocrat Tamara Falcó stands out in first place, followed by actor Will Smith, Isabel II, Chanel and Shakira.

What happened in 2021?

In case you want to compare, these were the most popular searches last year:

weather tomorrow European Championship La Liga Real Madrid Roland Garros Volcán La Palma Bonoloto Mbappé Atlético de Madrid NBA

Most popular searches in the world in 2022

Among the general searches, there is quite an interesting variety of topics. The first place is taken by the game Wordle and several top spots are held by sporting events, such as India vs England (rank 3), World Cup (rank 4), India vs South Africa (rank 5) and Indian Premier League (rank 10). ). Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth and the Jeffrey Dahmer series also sneak in here.

In current news, the list is also quite varied, mixing political issues such as the Ukrainian war and election results from different parts of the world; gossip events like the verdict in the Johnny Deep trial and Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock at the Oscars, as well as sensitive social issues like the Texas school shooting.

Between the most wanted characters For the users of the world, the actors Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Amber Heard and Chris Rock stand out. Something very interesting is that the English scammer Anna Sorokin and the Tinder scammer Simon Leviev have entered this top.

What happened in 2021?

Last year, the list at the world level had been led in its first two positions by cricket, the national sport in India:

Australia vs India India vs England IPL NBA Euro 2021 Copa America India vs New Zealand T20 World Cup Squid Game DMX

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