These are the three axes on which Adam Mosseri wants to base the growth of Instagram in 2023


It is well known that 2022 has been a year of ups and downs for Instagram. On the one hand, it has reached 2 billion monthly active users, which is a true milestone. On the other hand, with so many tools and features “borrowed” from other applications, the platform has moved away from its roots, which caused many users to complain and even important figures such as the Kardashians to show their discontent.

However, Instagram is still the go-to app for many digital marketers and content creators, making it a must-have. the path that the company will take for this new year 2023.

In this way, Instagram director Adam Mosseri posted a video explaining the goal of the platform for 2023. First, he recounted the goals of the platform in 2022, which focused on boosting short videos (reels), boosting messaging, new tools for monetization for creator and greater transparency for users and how they have seen a lot of progress in those areas, but also some setbacks.

In addition, he expressed that by 2023, the platform wants to focus on create value for people so its main objective will be to bring people together in things they love, and for this they will be based on three axes.

1. Inspire people to be more creative

Mosseri notes that creativity was the foundation on which Instagram was born, recalling the “amazing photo filters and crazy frames of yore”. While those wacky features may have come from Snapchat, the truth is that Instagram was the first major social network to implement different filters and overlays on images that allowed for more customization of posts.

This is why we can expect that this new year Instagram add more tools that allow editing and visual customization, with a more focused approach on creating augmented reality, integrating 3D objects and experiences.

And it is that Meta wants to build the metaverse and for that it needs the participation of content creators. Not to mention the fact that Instagram is the best way for you to connect with great talent and the younger generation of artists because, let’s face it, fewer and fewer people are using Facebook as their primary network and the other apps on the web. company do not have the same level of visual creation.

2. Help people discover things they love

According to Mosseri, Instagram should be a space where people they can discover new things every time they use itand not only in the videos, but also in photos, creators and recommendations.

This new approach may represent a great opportunity for Instagram, but at the same time it is a risky move. During the year we have seen Instagram’s efforts to change user behavior and that have a more TikTok-like experience, displaying the best app content based on users’ interests, instead of seeing posts and updates from the profiles they follow.

In fact, let’s remember that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, pointed out in July of this year that more than 15% of users’ Instagram feeds are recommended by AI so that they see people, profiles or accounts that they do not follow and as expected this figure will double by the end of 2023.

So during 2023 we can expect new efforts from Instagram for showing content from people and pages that are not followed between updates to the main feed. And there’s even the possibility that this trend will extend to stories, showing stories of people and Pages that are not followed.

3. Create connections between people

The last item is related to the using the main Instagram feed to discover content and with more people discussing posts through direct messages and stories.

Previously, people shared posts on their main feed with the intention of connecting with others and to share personal interests, but users have become more cautious about what they share on their feed, choosing to share and interact more through stories and direct messages, with small group of followers.

This is why Instagram wants to make improvements that help start new spontaneous conversations and more opportunities for engagement around the content that’s been discovered, rather than focusing on the content itself. According to Mosseri, this will help Instagram stand out from other competing apps.

Image: Depositphotos

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