The importance of web speed for an eCommerce and possible improvement solutions


The methodologies of online processes have made us get used to the fact that now everything is done in less time, so one of the most valued aspects by users when using an eCommerce is the speed of the website. If a website loads slowly, visitors are more likely to leave it.which can result in a poor brand impression and decreased traffic.

53% of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

According to Google, the 53% of visits are abandoned if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load. an article of SiteGround explains how the loading speed ends up being a great influence to generate sales and increase the popularity of a website; The first point to highlight is the reputation And it is that if users see that they have an effective experience obtaining quick results, it is most likely that they will return.

On the other hand, SEO is also influenced by page load speed. Google and other search engines aim to bring websites that provide the best user experiences to the top of the search results, so if the website is slow, it will affect your SEO ranking, that is, it will affect negatively. the visibility of the site among users and you will begin to lose traffic.

Conversion rates are also severely affected if you have a slow website.

But that’s not all, it turns out that conversion rates (visitors converting into customers) are also severely affected by having a slow website. A study of Portent points out that a website with a load time of 1 second has a conversion rate 3 times higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds.

The hosting company explains that there are at least 4 website speed metrics: page load time, time to first byte (TTFB), time to start rendering, and time to title. There are several ways to improve each of them, but the most notable are the font optimization, use of HTTP/2 protocol, caching, defer JavaScriptamong other.

SiteGround Optimizer

SiteGround it’s a hosting service provider which offers a range of hosting solutions for websites of all kinds that today has more than 2 million domains hosted on its servers, including Marketing4eCommerce. Its services include application installers, security tools and speed optimization.

It should be remembered that a hosting is a web hosting that provides users with space on a server to store their website and that it is accessible through the Internet connection. It is the place where all the files and data related to the web page are stored, such as images, videos, HTML files, among others.

Your service has technology dedicated to speed based on using the best data centers in the world that run on SSD drives and the use of hardware equipment updated to the new technologies that are emerging. In addition, it stands out that they offer the plugin SiteGround Optimizerwhich can be used for free on any hosting platform in order to improve the performance metrics of websites, focusing mainly on the 4 speed metrics mentioned above.

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