The Government of Argentina extends the program to facilitate consumer financing until 2024


The Ministry of Economy of Argentina, through the Secretariat of Commerce, has extended this Friday the ‘Ahora 12’ program until January 2024 with the aim of continuing to make it easier for Argentine consumers to finance their purchases between 3 and 24 fixed monthly installments with credit card.

As the Government has published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Argentina, the purpose of this program, which ended on June 30, is to promote the consumption and production of goods and services, while trying to contribute to the recovery of the internal market and the development of the national industry.

Among the novelties of this expansion, the Argentine Executive will link the ‘Now 12’ program with the ‘Fair Prices’ program, created at the end of 2022 to agree with companies from different sectors on a maximum sale price for certain products to deal with the high inflation suffered by Argentina.

Thus, the conditions of the ‘Ahora 12’ program will be subject to those products that are included within ‘Fair Prices’, with the exception of goods marketed by small and medium-sized companies, which are excluded.

The goods and services included in this program may be expanded, reduced or modified by the Ministry of Commerce. In the same way, the program could be extended again once this last extension, which includes January 2024, ends.