The challenges posed by the new cookieless scenario to measure advertising effectiveness, under debate [M4C Sessions]

We are not stopping, marketer! Although last Friday we celebrated the seventh edition of our Women Forward, today we have traveled to Barcelona to carry out another of our intimate events. We talk about nothing less than our breakfasts M4C Sessionswhose fourth edition we have organized in collaboration with Kraz.

During the day, our guests were able to discuss the technical and legal changes that have been implemented with the aim of guaranteeing greater protection for consumers and that lead us towards new age cookieless. As well as the effects they have had and the challenges posed in the measurement and evaluation of advertising effectiveness.

How to measure advertising effectiveness in the new cookieless scenario

In order to address this issue, we have been fortunate to have ten professionals in the digital sector who exchanged their vision, opinion and experience regarding this new reality, which highlights even more if possible the already complex reconciliation of data between different advertising sources.

The session was moderated by our director Ruben Baston and the participants in the day were:

Carolina Mahía, Growth & Performance Manager at Doctoralia Edu Villanúa, Growth & Optimization Manager at Buff Eva Perozo, Ecommerce & Digital Manager at Intersport Spain Javier de Ramón, Digital Director at Equivalenza Judit Griecs, Head of Growth & Acquisition at Promofarma Laura Milán, CMO de Naturitas Marc Calvo, Performance Marketing Manager at Avis Mario García, Senior Performance Marketing Manager ex Smallpdf& Typeform Milica Mitrovic, EMEA Director of eCommerce & Digital at Revlon Invited expert: Joan Miró, Co-Founder & General manager at Kraz

Challenges and concerns in this new and complex landscape

The current complexity of the advertising environment, with multiple paid and organic channels, and the crossed effects of advertising (on and off) and purchase channels, have resulted in a scenario in which understanding the “real” effect of different advertising levers is increasingly difficult. And if we add to this the fact that we are fully entering a new phase, in which cookies are going to disappear, we are left with a panorama in which it is easy to get lost.

For this reason, today we wanted to discuss this topic with our guests, being able to draw on their experiences and knowledge, but also learn about the challenges they face. Some of the confessions made pointed to the attribution and the rise in costs in ads as their main current concerns. Doubts about how to measure traffic and about Google Analytics 4 were also alluded to.

On the other hand, it was commented that the profitability in the campaigns of some of the brands present were not giving the expected results, which has led them to bet on the SEM as the most profitable channel compared to social ads.

m4c sessions 2

Marketing Mix Modeling as a solution

During the session, the possibilities offered by MMM or Marketing Mix Modeling were also discussed. This model can make it easier for you to set and predict your ad spend more efficiently. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need a historyonce you start with a modeling you have to always work on it to find out if it really brings you results.

Our participants also highlighted the importance of experimenting, since this is how you get to verify investments, with data. Rules and statistics can fail, we must not have blind trust, but try and draw our own conclusionsto discover which formulas are the right ones for us beyond which ones are for the rest.

m4c sessions 3

There was also time to talk about AI

It could not be otherwise, it is the topic of the moment and the possibilities it offers are practically endlessso we couldn’t resist asking our participants if they were using artificial intelligence and how the experience was going.

Some of the brands present confessed to us that, indeed, They are already working with ChatGPT in their campaigns, for SEO issues and content creation or correction. Of course, they stressed the importance of giving it some clear lines, the key is the prompts. Working this part well, you can be surprised with the results.

Of course, as our guests indicated, At the moment no one is an expert in ChatGPTAnd whoever says yes is wrong. We are in a moment in which we are all learning, it is a very changing novelty that does not stop evolving.

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