Runway to Cart: Insights for eCommerce for Fashion Retailers [Ebook]


Any business area can have a little piece of the digital world and the fashion industry is no exception. Today it is very easy to display garment designs, catalogs and many more, in addition to offering them for sale in various market places and eCommerces.

BigCommercethe e-commerce solution provider, offers an Ebook titled “From Catwalk to Cart: E-Commerce Insights for Fashion Retailers”which, as indicated in the first instance, is aimed at those interested in getting involved in the fashion sector in the digital field, especially if they do so in a retail mode.

Download the eBook Trends and case studies of the brands that are dedicated to the fashion sector

The document seeks to help the user to know what are the trends in new technologies and the success stories of the brands that are dedicated to the fashion sector.

“After analyzing the data we have at BigCommerce and the sentiment of our merchants, we can safely say that companies in the fashion and clothing sector are adapting perfectly to the trends that are prevailing in electronic commerce,” the companies state. Ebook conclusions.

The digital world is so versatile and constantly changing that it is impossible to define a winning strategy to boost our business. That is why it is necessary to know what the users’ impression is of the new trends and technologies in order to later combine this information with the area we are working on, which in this case is the world of fashion (which has adapted perfectly). .

Retailers in the world of fashion who soak up the information presented in the document, may find inspiration in the success of other entrepreneurs, brands and businessmen such as natori either A Fish Named Fred. Knowing in detail what are the strategies they used, which will help the reader to:

Create better experiences for your customers. Find eCommerce solutions designed to fuel growth. Invest in the right technological innovations.

Knowing more closely the strategies of consolidated brands in the fashion sector can help the reader to achieve a journey full of success and making fewer mistakes than what could happen if a project is started blindly and without recommendations.

On the other hand, BigCommerce data indicates that the best channels for both promotion and sales of products in the fashion sector are social networks and omnichannel sales. In addition, it is mentioned that a fact that helps to attract potential customers is to offer effective payment methods.

The Ebook not only talks about sales strategies and recommendations to achieve success at an administrative and business level. Mention is also made of emerging technologies such as augmented reality, headless commerce, the Metaverse or artificial intelligence and it explains how they can be used to achieve the innovation factor within your business and thus generate a high impact.

If you are interested in getting involved in the world of fashion at the eCommerce level, you definitely cannot miss the opportunity to make the most of all the information in this Ebook.

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